Lost Tribes of Israel Part 3

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How can you find what cannot be? How can you produce apples without an appleseed? ln the study of numerology, what does the number 12 represent? When Jesus spoke of the 12 tribes of lsrael, of what was He speaking? And Jesus said unto them: “in the regeneration when the Son of Man shall sit in throne of His glory, you shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of lsrael.” What was the discussion that cause Peter to ask in verse 27:”behold, we have forsaken all, and followed Thee; what shall we have therefore?”
What is the regeneration? When does it come into existence, or will it ever? will it be a theocracy, as in the time of the OT Judges? lsaiah 1:25 According to the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, the Aramaic word, means the new world, the new birth, reproduction, renewal, re-creation. The word is often used to note the restoration of a thing to its pristine state- or to become like you were from the beginning, the renovation or renewal of the world after her destruction by fire. When Jesus had departed from Galilee, He would no longer return to this place while in His physical body, until He would give commands to His apostles to begin this process. Mark 16:15-16 There was no part of what is known as the holy land, that Jesus didn’t spend time in while He was here on the earth. lt is simplistic and at the same time beautiful, Christ would be leaving old lsrael behind, and when He returned to her, He would bring with Him those who would teach mankind how one can become as were born, from the beginning!! You can be confident that these are not the people taught abut in premillennialism. The Lord had gone beyond the discussion of the seed of Abraham! He discussed the new birth with Nicodemus. John 3:5 Denominationalism is not picked up on the subject. lf you don’t know the subject, how can you discuss the conclusion? The “new heavens and new earth,” discussed by many people describes the same period of time. 2 Peter 3:13 Of course, the premillennialist think this is when Jesus is coming back to reign on David’s throne. The throne over which Christ reigns, He has been seated as King
of Kings and Lord of Lords, for now about 2000 years. Are people that far behind? Have they not read, “When He brings the first Begotten of the Father into the world the Father said unto Him, ‘let all the angels of God worship Him.” Hebrews 1:8 now, when you read the 13th verse of the 1st chapter of Hebrews, it reads: “set on My right hand, until I make thine enemies of footstool? Psalms 110:1 Paul tells us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that Christ will be seated at the right hand of the Father, on the throne of His glory, until there is nobody dying!l When this was to take place is specified in Acts 2:30; ” therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God has sworn with an oath to David, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne: he, seeing this
before, spake of the resurrection of Christ…” Now, we know when the regeneration began!!This is also mentioned and referred to in Acts 3:21 as “the restoration of all things.”
When Christ would be sitting on David’s throne, the apostles would be seated on 12 thrones. 12 is a number which signifies the chosen. 12 is the ideal number of the apostolic college, 12 is the new definition with a spiritual message, not a physical. As the judges ruled lsrael in the days of her first theocracy, so the apostles, having been baptized in the Holy Spirit (whereby they put on the apparel of judges) by Jesus Christ, in the city of Jerusalem, in A.D. 33 at 9 o’clock on that Pentecost Sunday morning, sat down to reign. This message that they delivered, created a new heaven and new earth, allowed people to have the forgiveness of sin and make them like a newborn child. Or, as Christ would say in the Revelation: “behold, I make all things new!!” Revelation 21:5
Tell the premillennialist, tell the Mormons, tell the people wondering in the world who think
themselves Jews, we have found what thev have been searching the globe to find!! Christ will be reigning on David’s throne, the throne of His ancestral father, David, until men stop dying!! 1 Corinthians L5:.24-26. The “new heavens and the new earth” IS, NOT WILL BE, the Church of Christ!!

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