Meaning of Life Part 11

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Shall we be greater fools in Paradise than we are here? I asked this question some time back and no one has answered. Is there a Paradise be for us? Who has instructed us as to the life shortly beyond our existence, here? Some of these questions must be answered or we will never know until death is experienced the verity of Christ revelations. All of our information comes from one source, Christ. He came “to abolish death and bring life and immortality to light.” 2 Timothy 1:10 He came to become “Lord both of the dead and the living.” Romans 14:9 Is the intermediate state of the redeemed something we can know? Paul writes; “For I am in a strait between two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better: Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.” Philippians 2:23-24 Can we have any confidence in revelation if the source of the revelation is not validated? Are we going to be greater fools in Paradise than we are here??
If we are conscious of existing in Paradise when we are there, in what form will this consciousness take? Absent of the brain, for it is left in the body when buried, how will man be know? Science has made great strides convincing modern man how important the brain is and in the meantime, discounted the “I” to non-existence!! If we have a memory in Paradise what will we remember? Abraham said; “Son, remember”. Luke 16:25 Who gave us this account? Is His word trustworthy? Some might discount the second stage of our existence, but who are thy calling a liar? If man will always exist, that man will always BE, that it is our nature to BE; the “I” of which we are studying deserves a lot more attention. The “I” is the continuation of the same being that it was while it lived in the tabernacle of flesh while here!! If there is no conscious awareness after we leave the body who made up all this we have been referencing by scripture?
If there is no consciousness after this life, what meaneth the scripture; “But ye are come ….to the spirits of just men made perfect”? Hebrews 12:23 Are we not to look forward to a reunion and fellowship with kindred spirits? Who is this “family in heaven”? Ephesians 3:15 Has anyone actually ascended into Heaven? Can one ascend into Heaven without a body? If no one but Christ has ascended into Heaven, with whom shall we be and where? We, who have obeyed the gospel of Christ, have left our mortal bodies here on this earth!! If there are no spirits with whom we will fellowship, life after death would be a lonely existence like solitary confinement? Is punishment to the spirit here (loneliness) joy to the same spirit, there? It is not the pain of death that gives death its horror, some know NO pain, but that dread of the uncertain-unconscious-darkness-mysterious sleep–the tomb-the grave, the unknown, that man dreads. The scriptures teach us that life in the unseen Paradise will be with all the personality-inner feelings-individuality we have had here and we will be with a company of kindred spirits where loneliness is forgotten!! At the hour of our passing, Christ, the death Angel, will be waiting to welcome us and take us to Paradise.
We see three stages in our life history. First, the existence in this body, next the existence when this body is severed and the “I” continues, and finally the third stage, the final-the ending of ages. The Judgment-Heaven-Hell- stage that is still future for all humanity will only be a memory!! What death is to the physical, the Judgment is to the intermediate. Judgment Day is truly the end of the AGES of Man! Ageless, man will then be as AGELESS as the God who made him/her. This is all we should all be preparing!!!

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