Meaning of Life Part 12

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For all the years I have been trying to search the mind of God I never caught the total significance of the Judgment Day (maybe you think I still haven’t!). I knew that only the saints will be judged on that day, not for sins but for reward, I knew the sinner would not “stand in the judgment”, Psalms 1:5, and that this day will be the most terrible reprieve from punishment and anguish that only God could conjure. The sinner will be relieved of pain and anguish just to return to pain, NO day of relief will ever again be offered. I knew that Christ would use this day to glorify His Church with a “job well done” ceremony before all who had made light of us while on this earth; but as THE day to separate the earth-life and intermediate-life from eternal-life I had never imagined!! On this day everything changes that was ever known. Life will continue, as has been shown in the previous articles, but life will not be the same. The saint will live in the euphoric glory awaiting the glory we have looked, prayed, and anticipated for so many years of trials and dishonor while the sinner will finally get the payment for his/her deeds of disobedience. If the payment for service is the antithesis of payment for disobedience, the horrors of Hell, yet undescribed in scripture, reveal the “glory that shall be revealed in us”!! Just think, one day time will come to a complete stand-still. Earth-life as all mankind has experienced it will close as the Earth vaporizes in fire and smoke. The world crisis called the second advent will be on us. At this crisis the Lord places the dread drama of the Judgment on the souls of the redeemed. The sinner has to stand by in unbelievable horror and merely watch (probably hoping somehow, someway the God he/she disobeyed has changed His mind and allowed the second chance the Jehovah Witnesses’ have lied about to occur). The saints who are amongst the redeemed who “left their first love”, “put their hand to the plow and turned back”, or “forsaken Christ having loved the pleasures of the present world” are deciding by this time their previous sentence to the Hadean World after death was now finally a mistake and are resting rather comfortably among those who on the earth they were not too glad to accompany (and yet there is still an agonizing doubt)!! Time is non-existent, night will not come, events will continue. Although we are accustomed to day being ended by night, here, day continues. THEN, there comes a call from Christ and His Church proudly begins to assemble in rank and file around His Throne. THE GREAT SORTING OF HUMAN SOULS IS NOW BEING COMPLETED!! The future has become the present; all those who were resurrected with bodies are being sorted some to the right, some to the left!! NOW!!
Sheep go of their own accord following, as accustomed, the commands of the One on the Throne. Some begin to break rank creating chaos and confusion (they always wanted THEIR WAY) and bands of angels immediately separate them from the others. The Judgment of character (not citizenship), continued obedience (not whether they were baptized for the remission of sins), and conscience (the reason obedience was rendered or refused) has begun. It is a judgment of doom, Matthew 13:43, 7:21-22. It is a judgment of separation, Matthew 25. It is a judgment of retribution, Colossians 3:25 It is a judgment of finality. Mark 10:15 Now, the laughing and fun-making has all stopped, now, there is not ONE dry-eyed saint.
The next thing to which our attention will be drawn is the cry, unbelievably loud, unbelievably horrible, unbelievably surreal of those who had almost been forgotten who had been looking on while the events of the Judgment of the Church of Christ had been taking place. Oh! wait!!, some of the saints are joining them!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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