Meaning of Life Part 14

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Is Heaven real or is it the result of the fertile imagination of a man mocking mankind? Heaven is to be IF eternity has a purpose since it is THE expression of LOVE of one Deity to another, It is the final revelation!! Interestingly, Heaven is not described as is Hell. Man needed to know what to avoid but not what God has in store for “them that love Him”. Heaven is also somewhere. I am not sure it is as much an address as a situation or maybe both. It seems it is always used as such in scripture; all we can be sure about is that Heaven will be where those who possess the nature of God are.
Another interesting thing about the situation or place called Heaven is that it is always associated with Joy, Happiness, and Fulfillment!! It is the ultimate adoration expressed for anyone, anytime. Here, the “redeemed from all the earth” will be busily engaged for all eternity. Here, there is no thing as SIN. Here, the chief cause of sorrow and separation will not be. Here, no curse or result of sin will be. Never in Heaven will imperfection be nor there a dead level of existence! Some have chided the saint with the perceived boredom they think Heaven will have. As God has made us to always achieve, improve, learn, grow, and think, how would Heaven not be but a sped up version of all the above? How would anyone ever be “bored”? (It has always been my personal opinion that anyone who could consider Heaven boredom need not consider going to this glorious place!!) Here, the best, most obedient, best improved, highest attained, fondest associates will live. How could that create boredom?? If it is, I would like a little of this special boredom, AND I will take all you want to miss!! Here, all the characteristics of personality are explained and glorified. We will then know WHY we were as we were, understand WHAT we were to God, and see the PURPOSE for His plan. There will never be any un-employment. Life (as we know and define it) means growth, activity, learning, and improving. Unlike life on this planet, labor that does not weary the soul will be ours. Disappointment will never mar the placidity of that society and with all of this our picture is still marred with illimitable imagination that will be far short and inadequate for God’s expression of Love to all who labored for Him and His Son, here!! They who hope to enter this wonderful existence MUST begin by doing God’s Will here, for that is ALL THAT WILL OR CAN BE DONE, THERE!! Anything you don’t like about God, here, you had better get fixed. God said; “I change Not” so don’t think Heaven will be made up of a society of the “do nots” and the “me-ocrats”. If you don’t do His will here, how can you expect to convince Him His will is not important, there??
Just for one moment consider the majesty of such a place. We all have seen the fine attainments of man’s architecture, imagine, there!! We do have a small comparison. Compare a man-made church with the Church of Christ. The purchase price of the Church of Christ with the price man or men have paid to establish, theirs! Imagine what man would have come up with IF Christ had not given His church for them to make a damning copy.
How will it be in Heaven? There is no language allowed man to describe the realm of the spiritual. As the “natural body” is not the explanation of the “spiritual body”, what can explain to man what God has not revealed??!! Jesus sought not to indulge His people with elaborate descriptions of the life beyond, all He said is, “I go to prepare a place .. that where I am you may be also”. For those who live in the true purpose of this life, death is a graduation into “the life that is life, indeed.”

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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