Meaning of Life Part 2

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The order of physical life is reliable. The stars in their courses, the electrons in their motions all show the order of design. Gravity does not vary wherever its law is found, as far as we know gravity even keeps electricity in its current channel. A universe that keeps faith with its physical calculations does not play false to the inner, invisible parts of life. We are created to think, love, and hope. These are as essential to our nature as hunger and thirst. A world where there is air for lungs, food for the stomach but no answer to the deepest and highest hungers of the soul is not the world God created and placed man in. Any thinking man will rebel at such a conclusion. The integrity of the universe is at stake if man is here only by chance, for if there is no law that governs our existence and we came about without reason and intelligence, all that exist which allows anything else to exist could never be explained or understood. The longing for continuance of life is normal and extends from primitive people to cultured persons. That man before scientific discovery had no doubt about the life beyond the grave is a fact that calls loudly for explanation. As we grow old we are just getting fit to live! Just understanding the “how to” to live acomplishes no purpose if man dies and is no more! Who is animalistic enough to call a deceased loved one a few particles of matter that is no longer? That fair, beautiful spirit whom we loved and with whom we shared life is not excluded nor extinct just because they are no longer in a physical body we can see and touch!! In a law abiding universe, the hunger of the soul MUST have a response to what exist hereafter. Science in all its glory cannot and never has produced any answer suitable to understanding our beginning much more our end!!
Science affirms that nothing is wasted. Even the leaves blown by the wind are only transformed, not destroyed. Shall man with a mind, soul, and spirit fade into nothingness?? Having spent such painstaking efforts to design such a frame for us to inhabit will the designer annihilate such? If He were to so do, the ruler of the universe is far worse than man who waste all his time on this earth not preparing for eternity!! If life ends in death, this universe is not only irrational, it is immoral!! A benevolent life ends in a vicarious death in the flower of age. A malevolent, hardened old sinner lives a century. Where is the rationality of this, where is the compensation, the retribution, when is “right” ever rewarded? Where is justice? If life ends at death and man comes about by chance, not created, would it be better for man if he had never allowed his innocent children to breathe? The God of the universe is more than mere Energy, He is more than a Force, He waits to be a JUDGE. He is defined as a child-loving Father, Matthew 7:7-11, who does not give a stone for bread, He does not then give the stone of extinction to children who’s highest and noblest hunger asks for the bread of immortality and eternal life, those children who have made choice and desire to be with Him!!
If the soul is not immortal, human life is a farce!! If it is immortal, man is a fool to ignore it!! If not immortal, the moral nature is a lie, there would be no need, man could destroy man at will without ever considering justice. If not immortal, desire is a deception, aspiration a mocking falsehood, and hope a destructive illusion!! Death may separate soul and body, but the soul does not die. The tie that joins the soul and the body is untied, unfastened, and the soul is released from the frame that will inevitably decay and join one that has no possibility of decay!! Death becomes a merciful provision. The Innocent might tolerate physical maladies looking to something better, but to a fallen being, subject to age, decay, and injury; physical immortality would be an awful curse!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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