Meaning of Life Part 4

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The shortest word in the English language is “I”. The most used word in this language is “I”. “I” this, that, ought, will, can, do, remember; all of these expressions are used so-o-o many times we become complacent in its definition. What is this “I”? As we discussed last week it is not my brain. The brains tissues (cells) are the same in spite of all I can feed it in learning, memorizing, or trained response. Like my body, my brain is something that belongs to ME, but who am “I”? As the brain decays, I remain as strong, as vibrant, as disciplined, as energized with new ideas as ever. I must conclude that the brain is not the “I” for the brain is apart of the anatomy of everyone that is pronounced DEAD, yet the “I” dies not, but moves outside the house in which it resided for a time. I find the brain to be but an instrument of the “I”, the spiritual being behind the brain.
Everything involved in conscious personality is related to the brain, but from the brain, not originated!! The brain can be the seat of thought without being the source of it. “I” not only use the brain, but “I” educate, train, fit the brain for its work The brain itself has no knowledge or thought that is inherent, for children born without even a brain stem possess instincts of sucking, falling, hot and cold, and elimination of waste and more. Who taught them, from which ancestor in the evolutionary chain (JOKE!, HA,HA) did they get these?? The brain itself has no knowledge or thought-no power to originate thought. From whence cometh thought?? Which tree in the evolutionary tree shall we look to find this one?? The difference between the brain of a baboon and a man is in the being behind it, not the size!! The difference between the brain of a Gorilla and a man is not just that their skulls sit in a different position on their shoulders, again, it is in the being behind it!! It is not the brain that thinks, remembers, wills, loves, hates, or obeys. On the dissecting table the brain is a mass of cells, nerve centers suffused with blood. Do you think this bleeding organism originates thought?? Build a brain identical to the one inside your skull and see if the man-made works like the God-made!! You think heart transplants are popular!! Think if some wealthy man could transplant the brain of an Einstein or any other genius into his own body or that of his children. Soon we would only have designer children!! Cosmetic surgery would have a new rival!! What is it, what part of it, where in it does the brain think, remember, will, obey??
Can we take out of the brain those murderous impulses and replace them with intellectual, noble, pleasing thoughts?? NO!!, the “I” is not found in the brain. IF A BRAINLESS CHILD DOES NOT POSSESS THE REMEMBERING, OBEYING, MEMORIZING FUNCTIONS, WHEN DO THEY ORIGINATE AND FROM WHOM DO THEY COME?? No erudite student of true Science would ever think that what thinks, remembers, wills, and obeys is a bleeding mass of tissue called the brain!!
Is the “I” Thought? Feeling? Emotion? NO! the real “I” is the conscious or unconscious person behind them all, greater than they, even if all put and harnessed together. The “I” possesses all these and still is something MORE!! Thoughts, my will, fear, joy, pain is all mine and no other person of my species experiences them as do I!! These emotions, joys, pain, and obedience are a possession of “I” but they are not me!! These emotions are not co-dependent on each other. If “I” think it can “I” necessarily “feel” it? My emotions, feelings, obedience’s, desires change, yet “I” am the same!! I want to find out where in the brain we find conviction, we need a lot of this stuff!! Just think if we could bottle a little, we could save a lot of our families!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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