Meaning of Life Part 7

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As the anxious eyes of an infant open to this life, we with bated breath open our eyes to life eternal on the morning of our graduation. A day that will never see an evening sunset. As the infants eyes open from the darkness of the womb to the sunlight on this earth, so will eyes that close in the darkness of death open to a “a light that never was on land or sea.” And “I”, the union of my soul and spirit WILL be there!!
The solemn responsibility of this earth life is understood to be probation. Here we prove ourselves “worthy of eternal life with Christ” or worthy of eternal misery. The possibility of clemency cannot be introduced to encourage the careless. Men often when given a loop hole use it to their own destruction. “It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah” is a warning against rejecting and ignoring the “mighty works” we have had the opportunity to study. “Beaten with a few stripes” is not a suspended sentence for any who have access or knowledge of the Master’s Will!! Often asked but not answered, in this passage our Lord deals with those who have family or friends that “never knew the way of righteousness”, not those who knew and would not obey!! In the Old Testament Law there was a distinction between sins committed through ignorance and presumptuous sins. Number 15: 29-30 Ignorance seems to allow mercy. He that knew not his Lord’s Will, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten (because he might have known his duty better) but with few stripes; his ignorance excused in part, but not wholly!! For example, “through ignorance the Jews crucified the Lord of Glory”. For them Christ pleaded ignorance: “Father, forgive them; they know what they do”! The knowledge of duty allows no clemency. Knowledge adds to the aggravation of sin. God will inflict more because of knowledge. It argues for a greater degree of willfulness and contempt. “For to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required” is no satisfying comfort to we who know!! This begs ability, learning, family acquaintance which would cause closed-mindedness, societal prejudice, and opportunity. That our Lord even mentioned this causes great hope for all the loved we “presume” would be as honest with the truth as we would hope. And why not hope!!
Outer darkness is absence of light resulting from blindness of sight. The Joy of Heaven will be as impossible to the unholy as music is to the deaf ear or the beauties of nature are to the blind. How can those who have spent all their time in sin on this earth ever develop an eye for the beauties of that that God has prepared for His Own?? Musical illiterates have no patience, nor appreciation for the masteries of music. They accept far more readily something that requires no training, diligence, or art. This so-called screaming and profanity from un-trained voices heard today should show us why denominationalism is so readily accepted and truth does not get much a chance!! Probation in this life simply means that in this first stage of his being a man either is or is not blind-hearted (and he makes that determination) making himself incapable of higher things in the life to come that are reserved for the faithful!! Recognize how awful Law is that will damn willful sin. Sin stands against light. Sin, tolerated, will lead to the darkening of that Light. There is no wonder that denominationalism is so readily accepted. Denominationalism is an indictment against Almighty God!! The “Deeds done in the body” will cause the “door to be shut” to those who have rejected the Magistrates Law. Reject Christ here, abandon hope in the hereafter!! Light cannot shine when we close the curtain or take out the window!! The inner sensitivity called the conscience can be so altered that it will not repudiate any error. This is very troubling!!

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