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The immortality of life is one that is full of misconceptions, especially by those who have blinded themselves by denominationalism. The thing most often heard concerns itself with the “furniture of Heaven” and the “temperature of Hell”. The source of all life must be considered. Think of a life force surging through the physical universe greater than anything ever before imagined. Something makes it tick and throb with life. As life is mysterious it can be seen to have force and this force pervades the entirety of the universe. This life-force is imperishable, the evidence forces the honest to see Him, and if this Force were to cease or be stopped all would come to nothingness. As some cannot conceive that there is a God, those who have considered both sides of the question cannot conceive of a complete state of nothingness! The “spark of Life” is from parent to parent. Before we become parents man can be traced all the way back to the original parents. As is often reasoned, life after death in this body is no more and no less mysterious than life before birth. Life is HERE, nobody I know or have read about believes otherwise; why doubt life hereafter??
The dissolution of the body is no barrier to logic; immortality is very logical. If the brain would seem to be the seat of life, it is not the SOURCE of it and for that matter the brain does not even enter into the subject of immortality, immortality leaves the brain with the body in the grave!! The brain does not produce thought (as the liver secretes bile), but is itself the means of transmission of that thought. From whence cometh the thought? They tell us that every 7 years we change completely in taste, chemical composition, and personalities. The body changes in every tissue. While we live in this body we then would have to understand we have worn out many a body, yet we are the same! The “I” and “you” that has worn out several bodies is really what we call this it, that is the ‘I’. If the personality survives bodily changes, why could it not ‘survive the grave’??!! If the spirit survives the shock of birth, why not the ordeal of death?
Life transcends physical limits. Life presents itself in spirit a thousand miles from where it abides in our human frame (the love of a military man for his wife and children, the love of an old man for his wife now deceased 30 years, for example). We live not only where we breathe, but where we love!! Since life is too big for the physical body, and that life is not the body or any of its parts, is it not too great for the grave??
A Creator which produces the mind, must possess reason, else the creature is greater that the Creator! Reason is not packaged, cannot be bought or sold, and is not a composite of all who live in this human frame. It is reasonable for a man who dreams of fulfillment to one day consider this possibility. It is reasonable for a man who loves another soul to one day reason eternity with that soul without separation. It is reasonable for a man to have lived and loved to know his only chance of complete fulfillment is an eternity together while a man who hated the wife of his life, fought, argued, and was vexed with every anxiety known to man would NOT want to look forward to her as part of his reward but would know she MUST be part of his Hell!! Such things are reasonable! It is also reasonable to know that if man cannot keep the love, joys, and brightness of his life in check or control he must look to one of greater might and magnitude than he who for him can accomplish these things!! God is not an invention of the mind of an incapable being, He only is the extension of all that man sees about him in the wonderful thing we call Creation! For in the Creation of all things nothing is left incomplete!! Life without God is incomplete, man never knows who he really is!!

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