One and But One- Part 12

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We started last week with the fact that limits and characteristics are what the definition of an individual has that distinguishes them from any other individual.  Fingerprints, teeth, leaves, trees, and many other things created by God have characteristics that are singularly definitive of one entity and but one!!  We also noted that things may be in the same category as other things but that does not make them the same.  They will always be what God’s laws of genetics made them to be!!   Men and women are in the category called human beings, but they are not necessarily interchangeable!! Being in the same category DOES NOT mean one is the other!!  Men and women have not the same sex, this makes the two separate and distinguishable.  The limits of each REAL THING SERVE TO EXCLUDE EVERY OTHER THING FROM ITSELF!!  These limits are definitions established by LAWS from the Creator and cannot change.  A man may have a sex change operation but still he is a man.  He may not respect who and what he is but still he is not and never will be a woman.  He may live all his life in falsity and deceit as to his gender, yet when they make out his death certificate, even if his body is so mutilated it is not recognizable, they will go to his dental records and fingerprints to satisfy his insurance company claim!! Denominationalism may look, sound like, talk like, be in the same category as, and have characteristics like that of the Church of Christ that Jesus brought into this world, but they will never be owned by Jesus Christ when comes back for His bride!!   Almost is not good enough, it has to be exact!!  The Baptist immerse, the Presbyterians may have elders, the Methodist may sing from a hymn book, and the Roman Catholic may have cite prayers BUT, although they are in the same category, may have the some of the identifying characteristics common with the Church of Christ to make them look similar; none of these are the Church of Christ found in the New Testament to whom Jesus Christ is married!!

     To censure, hate, despise something just because it claims to be what you refuse to consider it to be, does not cease to make it exclusive!!  To refuse the fact that Jesus Christ is married to one bride and but one, that she is in a category called religion, and her communicants pray, sing ONLY in its assemblies, puts monies in an offering plate only on the first day of the week, and try to convert everyone they meet to the teachings of the Bible ALONE, DOES mean it’s teachings and practices are acceptable to God!!  This is what Christ brought the church into existence to do!!    This does not make members of the Church of Christ an enemy of a member of the Baptist, Methodist, R. Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses or any of the other 656 denominations in existence; but SOMEBODY has to at least admit all of these cannot all come FROM ONE BIBLE!!  If the Bible is what you are looking to follow, the ONLY Church named, described, talked about, that existed during the time the Bible was written is the Church of Christ!!  You may have thought the Roman Catholic church was the oldest church in existence but that is not true.  Catholicism did not begin until Constantine convened the Council of Nicene in 313 AD and placed himself in the position as papa (the Latin word Pope) over his brand new religious organization that came to be known as the Roman Catholic Church.  If you are looking for the doctrine, catechism, missiles or any other doctrine book of Catholicism don’t waste your time looking in the Bible, it is not there!!  The Bible went to press over 100 years before Constantine was ever heard of or from!!  Constantine could have read the Bible and found what he started was contrary to God’s Law if he had wanted to read the Bible, but he thought He was King.  Christ was never considered!!

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