One and But One- Part 13

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Who and what denominational preacher would baptize for the remission of sin?  None, that I know about would willingly or knowingly baptize a sinner, they are ordained to only baptize what they perceive as the “saved.”  I know of only one time it is recorded when a Baptist preacher baptized a close friend of his for the remission of sin!  The story goes; they were out fishing, as they fished they got to talking about the Scriptures.  The friend ask a question; “why do I have to wait to be baptized, can I not duplicate what happened in Acts 8 with Philip and the Eunuch?”  To that the Baptist preacher responded; “I don’t see why not.”   They stopped the boat, the Baptist preacher took the man’s confession, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” and he baptized him.  They were so elated over this happy event; they could not wait to get back to tell all their church members.  The Baptist deacon board called an immediate meeting.  The sinner could not be a member of the Baptist Church, they do not baptize sinners!!  The Baptist preacher could not explain just WHY he ignored Baptist doctrine and did what the New Testament example taught him (the very idea of such insolence)!!  No members of the Baptism denomination heard this man’s salvation experience and therefore COULD NOT vote on him to let him be a candidate for baptism as the Baptist manual proscribed!!  “What were they to do?”   They called the pastor and his friend to their meeting, told the pastor he would have to baptize the man “after Baptist fashion” AFTER some of them heard his testimony and voted to accept him as a candidate for baptism.  The Baptist pastor agreed to this and 6 weeks after he professed “I believe that God has for Christ sake forgiven me of my sins,” the pastor baptized this man, again.  This time to make him a member of the Baptist Church, allow him to vote on the next preacher, and partake of the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of the month.  After this all had taken place, they fired the Baptist preacher for violating his oath taken when he had been ordained a pastor in the Baptist faith that he would baptize nothing but saints, NEVER SINNERS!!

You see, my friend, the Church of Christ is the called out, not the scattered among!!  We are not like the Baptist in the purpose of baptism.  We are not like the Baptist on many other things, the frequency of partaking of the Lord’s Supper being an outstanding difference.  The Baptist manual and the Word of God do not teach the same thing!!  Someone is wrong!!  Can you afford that to be you??  How will you be able to explain to the Lord WHY you chose to be baptized for a reason other that the “remission of sins”?!!  There are NO members of the Lord’s Church “caught in the brambles” of denominationalism!!  God wills that His people be exclusively different, unique, and Biblically confirmed, not just religiously, bathed!!  The Church has no value to Christ, unless it is uniquely made up of men and women who have obeyed Him!!  If the Church has NO value, how can you then have the un-mitigated gall to ask some man to give up their Church and join something of NO VALUE?? And Jesus would not have died for something of no value for which He gave His life’s blood!!

Do you think Christ is a polygamist?  How many wives do you think He has??  Since He married the Church of Christ when He died on Calvary’s tree by offering up the purchased price for her, when after His death would He have had time to marry another??  He had been planning His marriage to the Church of Christ for over 4,000 years, just how long was it that He planned for the denomination to which you belong??  Jesus Christ is like any kingly predecessor among the Jews in that He was married more than once.  That Passover He divorced His first wife in 33 D; 53 days later He married the Church!!

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