One and But One- Part 15

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     In the Garden of Eden there was a pattern set that pictured the Body of Christ.  It answers questions that many times have been ignored by religious scholars.  In a world of perfection and beauty God set Adam.  Adam was at the first ONE.  Then from one came two of the same likeness.  “This is the book of the generations of Adam.  In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Genesis 5:1-2   Why did God create man?

     The next thing that is established is that God created all things.  Man did not create man.  Man is not his own maker, therefore he can NOT be his own master; but the Author of his being must be the director of his happiness and the center of his happiness.  For God alone would know HOW to make man happy.  Why would God want man to be happy??      Man was not from eternity.  There was a period of existence when man was not.  As one expression of God’s being, God was preparing for man a home.  What preceded man was either inferior or superior to him in all aspects of what is known as being!  Being is that which describes the whole, not the part of a nature.  Nature is a description of power or the ability to perform independent of any other thing. What is interesting is that God created man in the likeness of His own Self.  For man to be like God man had to be just as devoted to perfection as He and perfection had already been shown to be attained by Law!!  That which described God was righteousness, holiness, and love.  A being without the desire or compulsion to sin for sin would be the breaking of His own Law which had already brought perfection.  Love though demanded choice, and until man choice was not confirmed. There was nothing God had created, favored. 

     Sin was an after creation, not of God, but of the arch-angel named Satan.  Its design was to alter God’s plan which came about because of choice!!  Law is the first order of Heaven and its inhabitants.  Before there was sin, Law was not-challenged, not-abridged, nor even changeable- for all Law was from God and by Law everything made was “good and very good!!”   For sin to be, it had to be fathered, begotten, and brought into existence CONTRARY to established Law, the order of God.  Nothing had existed without God’s Law or order, therefore there was NO SIN!!   Sin, then is anti-God, against order, and something that will destroy the perfection in God’s order which HAD BROUGHT about man’s happiness. 

     Sin did not come into existence on this Earth among man first; it came into existence among the angels that superintended the Earth. (Earth is only planet that God supplied angelic superintendents). It is apparent these angels did not completely understand their function and thought themselves God’s choice among all His creation UNTIL God’s final work of creation, man!!  It was then that angels knew they were the servants of man.  Some rebelled while others remained faithful, led by their arch angel, Satan.  Satan as a created being thought himself capable of changing God’s plan.  He, with a great host thought himself able to change God’s eternal plan??  “What if some did not believe (obey) would that make the faith (Law) of God of no effect?” Romans 3:3-4            

      God’s final act of creation was called re-creation, re-born, a redeemed creation.  The same God who created the first Adam took from Himself, the second Adam, the second Eve, “the mother of all living.”  Satan has again tried to stop this re-creation, called the Church of Christ.  Again, SHE is God’s choice made after His KIND and nothing or no one can replace her.  She is the ONE AND BUT ONE!!

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