One and But One Part 16

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That that is read in the Garden tells the answers to religions most perplexing questions: “do all religions represent Christ?”  Nobody in their right mind would ever question the fact that there was one man and one woman in the Garden!!  The man’s name was Adam (after the separation) and the woman’s name was Eve.  The name Eve started the practice of naming children a name that defines.  Eve means the “mother of all living.”  Science today tells us that all humanity can be traced to one fertilized egg.  Adam, unlike a lot of Old Testament greats never had more than ONE WIFE!! 

     Adam was a being that at the first was both male and female.  Adam was lonely.  He had been “sent” into the creation of Christ to look, TO CHOOSE, a suitable mate.  He found none.  Christ caused a sleep to come over Adam and in that sleep, the first operation on record was successfully performed.  Christ took a bone from Adam’s body and beautifully and wonderfully created Eve.  God placed them in the Garden with INSTINCT—multiply and replenish the Earth.  This they did, YET THEY DID NOT KNOW, WHY!! They propagated BEFORE it was by choice!!  The inhibitions men possess today about sexual communion was not apart of reproduction, it included it, UNTIL both Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  Sexual union can PRECEDE marriage BUT NOT BY God’s Law. Hebrews 13:5   Eve was “bone of Adam’s bone and flesh of his flesh” just as pictured with Christ and His Church!! Ephesians 5:30. Distinction between Adam and Eve was NOT made until sin.  Sin was a new concept and God made it clear that it would not to be tolerated, in the Garden.  Eating the forbidden fruit would cause the “eat-or” to be expelled. 

     When Adam married Eve it was not for sex, animals do not marry, only man marries, it is not because of instinct, or smell, it is because he was made after the likeness of God, he has “CHOICE”.  Sin did not come into being before there was “law.” They lived in the Garden BEFORE Law!!  “Multiplying and replenishing the earth” was not a choice, not a law; it was instinct.  Christ explained Adam when He gave Adam “choice.”  Instinct is NOT law.  Instinct is what God placed IN the creature FOR SURVIVAL.  Law exists in “addition to” instinct. Law demands choice. All animals in the animal kingdom have instinct; none have “law!!”  A bear does not choose his mate BECAUSE of what they have in common.  When he takes a life, or kills his young he is not punished!! Punishment is not apart of instinct, it is a part of Law!!  Law demands the ability to reason.  Animals cannot reason, they have instinct, only.  God showed Adam and Eve HIGHER than animals by giving them LAW.  Law uses alternatives, instinct does not.  Alternatives have to be more feared than the blessings.  The animal kingdom does not have an alternative, a choice, all they have is instinct!!  Man is not the same being as animals, he is higher.  Animals do not MARRY, THEY MATE!!  Man did not come from animals, he came from God!!  Up until this giving of Law, the only Being who had chosen was God.  God had already “chosen” to give His only begotten Son.  His Son had already “chosen” to marry His bride, the Church of Christ.  Adam’s vows were the re-statement of Christ’s covenant. God had chosen.  There would be ONE AND BUT ONE.  God does not have a harem!!  One would not be as good as the other!!  Man was created in the “image of God,” “shacking up” is not like God, it is like animals!! Animals have no concept of God or choice. They just produce!! Choice is proof that man is God’s offspring!  Marriage and sex is not the same thing!! God has placed IN MARRIAGE the joys of sex and punishes men who do not comply.  Explain that to a rabbit!!

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