One and But One Part 17

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Man was not made just animal; there were many types of animals that preceded man.  None were his equal, species/type/nature.  Man was greater than any animal God made.  Man was distinctively different, not just a superior beast from the field!! 

     When God made man, He physically made him male and female, in one body.  He did this for a reason.  God was showing His plan of salvation yet unspoken, unknown, and un-revealed.  It would take some 4,000-6,000 years for God to reveal the purpose of making man, two beings as one.  Some still has problems with this riddle.  Imagine the perfection of God, taking from that first creation, making two.  How could there be a more exact companion?  Some animals had been made male and female, but the highest order of God’s creation was ONE.  When separated, every part of the anatomy would compliment that from which it was separated.  This is perfection God-style!!  Yet, man was first made, alone—and that some think stopped perfection.  When alone, man knew something was missing.  He maybe did not know WHAT, but man did show that  perfection was not really that perfect, alone!!  Man was lonely.  Loneliness was a concept, not a reality.  Man showed himself greater in creation recognizing, reasoning, even without revelation that he was not “all that he should be!!”  This emptiness, this recognition of a void in him has not been understood.  Without man being created as two beings in one, man would have never sensed his incompleteness.  There was no sense of rejection, just a void.  God had solved loneliness before it became a problem–all God does has perfection written all over it!!  When God acts,  His work is many times unnoticed or misunderstood, yet there is perfection!!  Could a perfect God produce imperfection even when perfection that was was not recognized because it had to await revelation??  Is not this the whole pattern of “scheme of redemption”??  Many have ask; “why the marriage vows of Genesis?”  Before man, there was marriage!!  The marriage ceremony of Adam and Eve was the SECOND performance of this ceremony, not the first!!  Adam had no father to leave!!  No wonder Eve was “bone of his bone.”

     All men are made with a “missing void” in their hearts.  This yearning of heart, this message from the “I” that is within shows something is missing.   

Man has tried, in vain, to fill this void with drugs, liquor, material possessions, and other debaucheries but God made man to have this void and there is only thing that will fill this void—GOD!!  One of the greatest tragedies of Hell will be loneliness!!

     When you buy a new car, you get an owner’s manual.  Before you read the manual there are many wrong things you might do even to the point of destroying the new car.  So many things might look like the last car you had last. It is smarter to look in the owner’s manual before you tear up the car—right??  By the way—if you buy a Ford, don’t think “one manual is as good as another”, and that since your mother taught you about your first car she is the authority for the new car!!  Don’t go to the friend who has driven 1,000,000,000 miles in a Ford for advice about your Toyota, look in the book!!  They might not “intend” to give you advice that might destroy the transmission but if you put Ford transmission fluid in your Toyota—it will burn up–read the manual!!  The owner’s manual MUST BE written by the Creator, not just a friend!!

     God made man 2/3’s spirit and 1/3 flesh.  Later, He gave man an owner’s manual.  As a Toyota manual never mentions a Ford the Bible never mentions any denominational church!!  Is this hard to understand??  The Church of Christ is God-made!!  Denominational churches are man-made.  The doctrines/parts do not interchange!!

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