One and But One Part 19

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If there were more than one body of Christ, what name would she wear? What doctrine would she preach? and what Lord would they honor??  If there were more than one body of Christ what premise would they have for existence?  If there is one and but one body of Christ to whom He is married and over which He reigns supreme in authority, what Old Testament pattern would she fulfill?  If there is more than one body of Christ why would the Holy Spirit, who is known for being exact in every detail, allow such a mistake to slip by Him in His agreement to the other beings called God to “make all things sure”??  What would the purpose in God allowing more than one road to eternity—does competition make things better for His plan?  I just wonder what benefit it would render the Almighty to support confusion—for if there were more than one bride for Christ, one path to eternity, and one church authorized by the entire Deity, would the other(s) by jealousy and competition not destroy the first bride and her children?

     Did it work with Abraham?  When Abram was in his 80’s his wife Sarai decided God was not going to be able to keep His promise that He had given her husband.  She maybe did not blame God; she just reasoned it could not be.  She was getting way up there in age, herself, and they had never between them had a child, they did not even have a daughter!!  Being patience is one thing, but being so old she knew according to the way of life, having a child would be a thing impossible.  Abram never pondered this for he thought all things were possible with God.  Sarai decided to allow Abram to have here slave girl, Hagar, in her place.  To her Abram went in and soon she would be sporting a fine baby body God called Ishmael.  Problem solved, right??!!  Here comes competition!  “When she saw she had conceived, her mistress was despised in her eyes.”  The woman who was free had not been blessed and the woman who was a slave, had.  Things quickly became unbearable.  Sarai demanded that Abraham chose between the two.  Abraham refused saying Hagar was her slave girl, not his.  Sarai made things real hard on Hagar (sounds like this multiple marriage thing was really working, doesn’t it??)  Hagar ran away things were so good.  Christ intervened   Now, according to the world’s wisdom there should have been a wonderful atmosphere around Abraham’s tent in those days.  I guess man does not know best!! 

     About 13 years later Christ visited Abraham.  During this visit, Christ told Abraham in about a year he and Sarai would have a son.  Sarai was in her tent eves-dropping on the conversation of God and Abraham instead of minding her own business. When she heard she was to have a boy in about a year, she “laughed.”   A year later she was the mother of a baby boy.  God had kept His word.  For all those who like competition, the older began to mock the younger child at weaning time.  The younger child’s mother heard him mock her son.  She went storming to Abraham and cried out; “cast out the bondwoman and her son.  For the bondwoman and her son shall not heir with the free.”  So much for competition!! 

     Christ has but ONE bride.  She is the Church of Christ.  He has children by her and her alone.  She has competition with NONE other woman.  She is not gravelling for attention.  Her place by His side is sure and settled.  No one wonders if her children are as good as that of a wife who has children by her husband as does she!!  This story can be read in Galatians 4:21-31.  The conclusion of inspiration is this: “So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.”  Nobody’s children are as good!!

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