One and But One- Part 10

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One of the problems one has with man-made religions is that they are always in a state of flux.  What they taught 50 years ago is not what they are teaching, today.  What 50 years ago they taught, they did not teach that doctrine 100 years ago.  What they taught 250 years ago did not exist for they did not exist.  Few are the denominations that existed more than 250 years back and only one exist that goes further than 400 years ago while a 100 have come and gone in the interim.  While this is historically proven, there is a church that teaches today what it taught almost 2,000 years ago, adheres to the same doctrine book, and follows the same practices.  This is the Church of Christ. 

     If men devise other religious systems apart from the inspired Word of God, they have not succeeded in creating a new religion; they have succeeded in creating a false religion!!  IF faith comes by hearing the Word of God and something other than the Word of God is used as a standard for what is believed man has succeeded in making mankind follow man, not the Grand Artificer of the Universe. 

Human religious systems often stress dependence on Christ but are NOT defined in the pages of the instrument that produces faith.  Denominationalism does not compare to the Bible, they do not adhere to the Bible, and therefore they MUST compete with the Bible for the hearts of their adherents!!  Which man among men is smart enough to compete with his Maker??  For any Denomination to exist, then, they HAVE TO/must be completely different from the “faith once delivered” that is from God!!  If they used the Word of God, read and studied its pages, obeyed its commands and edicts they would become exactly what the Bible brings into existence and their denomination would cease to exist!!  What makes the Methodist church exist is not their morality, not their heart-felt love for Christ, and certainly not their dedication to the written Word—what makes the Methodist a Methodist is the Methodist Prayer book written not by inspiration from God, but from the men who first taught her perverted doctrines!!

A,B,C and D are not identical letters.  They may be all letters of the alphabet and a part of a category of things, but they are not the same!!  Religion is a category.  In religions there are Judaism, Buddhism, Shinto’s, and many others INCLUDING Christianity.  Judaism and Christianity are the ONLY religions that were ordained of God!!  Christianity has replaced Judaism which means that the ONLY religion ordained of God, today, is Christianity!! The only being that started a church seated on God’s right hand, living and reigning, is Jesus Christ.  Mohammed, Shinto, Buddha, Luther, Ellen White, nor any Pope will there be found.  Therefore, the conclusion MUST be that the only religion recognized by God, the Father is Christianity.

If New Testament Christianity is represented by the letter A, other religions having other designations are by necessity shown to be non-A’s.  There is an A and there is a non-A.  Any pretense, excuse, or reason to think or allow anything other than A to represent A is dishonest and unprofitable to logic or reality.  A excludes, by fact of definition, everything else.  It cannot be ALMOST LIKE IT, it has to be exactly like it or it is not an A!!  A is not B — it does not matter how your heart feels, your grandmother’s testimony does not relate, nor the country from which you came supports it.  Fingerprints, dental records, and genes describe and define only ONE human being and CANNOT define two.  If God could do that in one arena, He can and does do that in religion.  There is one Church and but One!!  The Bible ONLY makes a Church of Christ—you cannot make a Church of Christ with a Baptist manual.

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