One and But One

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One of the most resented subjects mentioned by a member of the Church of Christ is the topic of these articles.? This subject usually brings anger, resentment, and many times the loss of friendships, YET, the member of the body of Christ is bound, constrained because of their love for Christ, to present this to everyone they have enough contact with to study the Scriptures.? People think the member of the Church who tells them there is One Church and but One in the plan of God from eternity is suffering from a big ?ego trip? that someone has sold them and cannot be speaking of the God of Love that they and their loved ones think they know so well!!? To them the most ridiculous thing they can be told is that the Church of Christ is exclusive and there is One and But One!!

???? What do I mean by being exclusive?? I mean the Church of Christ is in a special realm, the only one of its kind on this planet called Earth.? There is nothing else like her, there is nothing else to which she can be compared, and no other assembly that meets on the various days of their stated worship times meets for the same purpose she meets!!? She, then is truly exclusive.?

???? I know that many who are reading this think I am egotistical or ignorant of God and His love for mankind and that I have as much tact as a barbed-wire fence, but if it turns out to be the truth of God?s Writings called, the New Testament, it is a truth they must face either now or at death.? If they wait till death, it then will be too late!!?

???? I have been in many conversations with religious people of differing denominational faiths when this truth is presented and the mockery, sometimes insults, and outright disdain reaches a higher pitch than one might expect.? The first thing most will do is ?close the door of their minds? and stop everything that might be called reason and proof from entering.? They are happy with their religion (or else they are looking for a change) and do not want to be bothered with something they think personal and frankly ?none of your business?!!? They will immediately climb up the ladder of defense and because anger enters into their emotional make-up, they immediately close the door of the mind.

???? ?Who are you?? and ?what makes you right and everybody else wrong,? or ?do you think you are ONLY one who is saved when they know hundreds of good, religious, pious people both alive or dead who were never even heard of the Church of Christ.? Yet, there is one thing they NEVER consider in thinking about the subject-what does God think about this question??? Are you interested in what He has had written??

???? Religious people never consider God in a discussion like this for they think this comes only from the petty little mind of an egotist.? The one to whom they are misfortunate enough to have run into.? The very idea of ?judging? someone?s relationship with God to most is totally inconsiderate and resented.? People who base their religion on ?experiences? or ?emotion? feel violated when we who are members of the Lord?s Church inquire about their relationship which to them is TOTALLY private!!? Most received their religious convictions from their parent or grandparents, their husband or wife, or a sainted religious pastor or priest they have known and ?you do not have the right to ?judge? them, especially if they were real good to them and are now, dead.?

???? After they get over the initial shock–anger, mockery, or indifference usually overcomes them.? With these people be patient, it is like telling them the Earth is really flat?or that their mother never did love them!!? You might even find the curious minded who will actually discuss the subject a little, then turn on their used to be friend, for they now feel ?judged?.? Very few people are ?open-minded? because they think this private!!

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