One Body of Christ Part 6

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Why would the Savior describe His Church as a “body”? Maybe it is because He intended it to express exactly the meaning He wished to express! What association does the “body” have with its head in the physical sense? Can the “body” possess LIFE without the head? Can the “body” function without the head? Is the “body” of any worth without the head? Can the “body” move around, work, and be useful in any sense without the head? Physically, the head is to the “body” just what Christ is to the Church. This teaches us many principles.
The association of the head to the body is apparent. It sits on top of the body. The head has highest pre-eminence over any other part of the body. Although the head and the body are determined by different standards of beauty, yet the head is first part of the anatomy one looks to when addressed. In the Church, Christ is has no equal. No man, group of men, college of men are His equal. “Whatever He saith unto you, do it” is still the manner of obedience demanded in the “body”, the Church.
Denominationalism is not the same. They have conventions, rule committees, conferences, and doctrinal specialist that write and re-write their beliefs as they change from year to year. What was wrong in the 18th century (if they existed then) is not wrong in the 21st century. As an example: in the 18th century NO denomination that existed used instruments of music in their worship(?) services. They wrote against it, debated it, and stood in unison against the evils of Roman Catholicism and its use of an instrument of music. Today, ALL of them worship at the feet of big entertainment. Their worship(?) services are as close to Broadway musicals as they can afford. I have heard of church buildings where they have orchestras, moving stages, and a sound system that would make a concert hall envious. They are in the entertainment business. They draw crowds this way. When ask why they do not use the Bible as their only drawing card to the world, they look at you as though you are “behind the times”!! What makes them do these things-where do they get the ideas to do these-if it did not come from God, just who gives the orders around there?? If God does give the orders, why has He changed His mind in 100 years? Somebody (play on the word body) is giving the orders, who is it? Does not the body take orders from the Head?? If they cannot find the practice in the scriptures, where are they getting their ideas? It has to be from some-body where the Head of the body does not set on top of the body in pre-eminence or where the orders come from within among the members of the body!! If the members of the body are running the program, what function does the head possess?? In denominationalism, with its rules committees, doctrinal committees, and study groups to determine church doctrine, THE HEAD IS NOT NEEDED!!
Homosexuality is on every ones mind these days (mainly, because they are pushing it on us), 100 years ago, 50 years ago, NO major religious group would even consider allowing a member of their “clergy” to be homosexual, today all of them are researching their “doctrinal experts” to see how they can find it allowed. What changed? Did they consult the Head?
Contemporary worship services are the fad, now. 100 years ago for one to have even considered such a shift to the prevalent accepted style of music was unthinkable. Oh, yes, they still have the “old-timers” brand of service; it is just at a different time. Did the Head legislate on this? Did they consult Him (since they all claim Him as Head)? Did God send an e-mail from Heaven that some of us missed? Is He not the Head

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