One Body of Christ Part 7

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The “Body” of Christ is fitly framed together! Many have often misunderstood this section of the Holy Book but it is plain to see God had in mind exactly what He intended in the Church of Christ from the Beginning! The leadership is distinguished from the rest of the family not by might but by service, the ministers are distinguished from the rest of the family not by might or position but by study and diligence to the Word, then there are the brethren, all equal, all saved by the same blood, all of one Seed who lovingly live their lives for nothing but to search and seek other members of their select group for an eternity of existence with their Lord. “Fitly framed together” every part functions exactly as He intended. There are no improvements on the plan, no adjustments mid-stream that had to be made, and no ‘voice of reason’ from man that God ever ask to receive. As every part of the body of man has its function, so with the Body. There are some parts that are not given the “glory” as the other parts, but leave off these parts and what you wouldn’t expect happens, the body miss-functions!! In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul tells how each part of the “body” is as important as the other parts and infers that God put them exactly where He wanted, needed them to be, and does not allow any change. Imagine, man trying to change the functioning of the physical body!! Now, imagine how denominationalism has tried to change the “Spiritual Body” by altering its doctrines to satisfy their own wants. They have a governing board not of the local body but from a collective, they make rules and regulations not for the good of the Body but for their positions of hierarchy, and they act as God ruling over a people they have never given anything, not even love, so they could deserve such a place.
The unceasing warfare that the world has declared on the Body of Christ has not been able to keep up with the desires of man. Man has NEW wants and NEW desires. Have you ever heard that old adage “give them an inch and they will take a mile”, can you ever known the depths of illicit desire: if so, you will understand the fickle mind of man and the insatiable demands of what he wants!! It is like alcohol to the alcoholic, food to the overfed, and an end to desire; man knows no satisfaction and has no boundary. What can stop him, but his God? When they resist His authority and placate their consistency with its desires, they make God their bellies and vanity their shrine!! Religion fits this mindset, category, man will always want to change, this is his forte; nothing ten minutes old can satisfy what he know wants and demands; to satisfy man is to allow him to be unsatisfied and this does not show the wisdom of the God of all the universe, God cannot, will not because He knows man who He created and for man to have his way is to destroy man!!.
There is kept for God the faithful. They are deigned “faithful” because of their desire to do His Will. It is not by might that they are faithful. Some are powerful men and women in their own right, yet they gladly yield to their Lord. It is not to concession that they yield. Some of our number yield only because of a deeper love for a Being so kind and gentle. We are not forced by a mightier strength or power to submit or die; we die and then submit our all. Lead and directed by His Spirit, this Body seeks no other truth than His, no other way but His, and suits no others favor but His. This is the redeemed, blood bought, ransomed family of Jesus Christ. Without parallel or peer in the History of mankind, these who truly seek “not their own but those things of the Lord who bought them” are a royal race, a chosen priesthood, and a chosen generation. They want not their own, never seek praise from others, and will NEVER, NEVER die!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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