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There are many times a member of the body of Christ is asked a question for which there is no answer that will be satisfactory. The person asking the question is already ready to have their feelings hurt or be made mad at the answer. We must be careful in answering this question for some who ask it may be seriously seeking the truth, others, no matter what is said, will ever be considerate of the truth. The question is “do you people really think you are the only CHURCH?”
Sometimes because of a misunderstanding of the subject, maybe because of a made-up mind, or because some un-thoughtful member answers before they get their brain in gear; a person outside the body of Christ gets a bad taste in their mouths for the truth. TRUTH IS TRUTH no matter who approves or disapproves it. Romans 3:1-4 No one is hiding from controversy or denying truth; all we are trying to do is give an answer of “the hope within us, with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15
Most religious people think of the church as some social institution to which they belong and ONE IS AS GOOD AS THE OTHER. Some are offended when a saint answers their question without finding out just exactly why they are asking. When a question is asked just to spite the one asked, it is up to you if you answer the question at all. Many times I have told the person I perceive asking me a question making light of the truth who have never heard and who are not ready or prepared to hear the direct answer; “Are you really wanting to know the answer or are you just disturbed because someone has made you feel inferior whom you did not strike out against and you looking to get even with them through me”?!! Or I might say; “you have the right to withdraw your question, I don’t think you really want to hear the correct answer”!
Christians are not trying to inflict any pain on any sinner!! We are not about the business of insulting anyone just because we can. Many times our motives have been impugned, and our Lord and His Church have suffered from false advertising, or the person asking wanted to know IF we would really tell them what they had heard was told to someone else who had asked that question!! We are not in the position many times to understand neither the motive nor the desire of those who ask: be careful!!
No child of God is afraid of the truth nor are we afraid of the personal consequences exacted on us!! There is NO greater joy we have than to teach God’s Word to those who do not nor have not heard it. We have to be careful what we say because you never want to harm the glorious truth. We also are not going to “run scared”. It is a wise Christian who determines the REASON a person asks. When Christ was before Pilate the scriptures tell us; “like a Lamb before His shearer, so opened He not His mouth.” It would not have done Him any good, the questions were not asked for the right reasons, and the questions were not asked looking for the truth.
Some questions cannot be answered unless a groundwork of truth is laid that will allow the inquirer the reasonable ability to understand the answer??!! When your children ask you the answer to a math problem, do you answer the question immediately or do you set with them and explain the principles that will allow them to work the problem the next time they run into it? If you immediately answer the question are you really wanting to teach them how to work the problem or are you in a sense just trying to get them off your back? If you know they do not have a background or a way to understand just HOW the problem is worked and you answer it, have you helped them?? WISER CHRISTIANS ask questions before answering the unprepared!!

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