One True Church Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 15 in the series Is the Church of Christ the One True Church?

When Noah was told of the plan of God to build an Ark, a part of God’s plan for the church was revealed. Of all the stories related in ancient history, Noah and the Ark is always given.
The preaching of “grace” had come down to one man. This man had to hide away from the main-stream of society, in a mountainous area to begin construction. Jude vs. 15 Like all things God has done, He has explicit instructions on how it was to be built, of what it was to be built, and by whom. Noah was told of God’s plan (in other places called grace) because of his faithfulness. “The end of all mankind is before Me” God had spoken because the “thoughts of man’s heart was evil continuously.” Noah built the Ark “by Faith”, or instruction from the Holy One so teaches Hebrews 11:7. As far as we can know, Noah had only 2 other men to help him build this gigantic boat (for it was to hold ALL life). This boat, perfect for carrying safely large loads, had only ONE window and ONE door. It must have looked very weird for one man and his sons to be building a boat far away from any body of water. When anyone came in his hearing, Noah would tell them of something that they had never seen before, rain, and that it was coming and the earth was to be flooded and (here was the weirdest) everyone that was not in his Ark would drown!! I am sure this provoked many a laugh for everyone knew that the Roman Catholic boat would be built just 3000 years later, then the Greek Orthodox boat, then the Lutheran, Wesleyan, Baptist, and on and on. Everyone would have a “choice” of boats then and it would be as to how they felt as to which boat they got aboard! Surely, they could not be serious in thinking there would only be ONE??
The day came (no doubt it was sunny and fair) when Noah was told of God to “Get aboard”. As they were loading the boat, Noah was still preaching—“he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved”. Other boat builders gathered around and mocked Noah (you see, his boat did not even have a piano on board, or as the heathen put it, “there was no music”). All their boats had multiple windows and doors of entrance (every one could do it THEIR way). God had told Noah to “get aboard” on a certain day like He tells His children to “meet Him around the Table of Remembrance every first day of the Week” and like today, they ignored Him—-yet, they said they “loved God”!! Many planned on boarding, some never intended, others would have IF they had gotten all their overtime hours at work done. Besides all this, it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky that day!! ONE BOAT AND BUT ONE??? With all the laughing, mocking, and revelry there that day it must have been real hard on poor old Noah until that first drop of rain hit his old bald head!! Most of the crowd did not even notice the difference in the gait of Noah; he was hurrying his daughters-in-law now, and finishing with the final animals when the first crack of thunder sounded over the mountains. As Noah looked on, Noah saw what his eyes would never forget—God began to shut the door!!
Friends, family members, in-laws, influential congressman, and others began to cry aloud, “hold the door for me”, but Noah had no control; God was handling things, now! Somebody cried aloud, “don’t worry, get on the Baptist (Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, and Muslim) boat down the hill, besides theirs have “music”!! These ‘other’ boats were not built of the right wood, pitched with the right pitch, nor were there any Noahs on them!! Oh, yes, they filled up fast, the music was bellowing from their multiple windows and doors, BUT, they were already beginning to take on water!!” Somebody cried; “just pray”. They did, as they were drowning.

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