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The word is found twice in all the oracles of God—once in Matthew 19:28 and the other in Titus 3:5. In Matthew it is almost universally understood to mean a new state of things, not persons—a peculiar era, in which all things are to be made NEW:–such as the formation of a new church on the day of Pentecost, or the commencement of the Millennium under the sole reign of Jesus Christ as High Priest of a new and better covenant and King of Kings is the monarch who reigns over the entire of humanity– which is to conclude at the end of His reign, signaled by the cessation of physical death. 1 Corinthians 15:24-26 The punctuation of Matthew 19:28 renders it altogether evident that regeneration alludes to a new era. “In the regeneration, when the Son of Man shall be seated on His glorious throne, you, My followers, sitting also upon twelve thrones, shall judge the twelve tribes of Israel.”
This passage has given rise to some who believe the “rapture” theory and the “pre-millennial theory” for it speaks of Israel and the twelve tribes. Often people look for verses of scripture that they think prove their “pet” theories and when found by them never loo k to what is being taught. That this verse never indicates the 1,000 year reign of Christ on the earth after His second coming is easily proven. The first thing one must ask is “just what is regeneration”? To regenerate is to give new life to, is to be re-born to another state or condition of existence. Regeneration is the same as being “born again,” being a “new creature,” being moved into a different state of existence—“translated out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of God’s dear Son”, Colossians 1:13. Hence, if one was lost and out of fellowship with God, to regenerate them would mean they would be saved and be brought BACK into His fellowship and there was NO sacrifice that they could offer that would allow such a thing to happen.
This truth destroys the false doctrine of “in-born sin” which teaches that a baby is BORN a sinner. To be “born in sin” one could have NEVER BEEN in fellowship with God to begin with and since they were not “born in sin” they can be returned to the fellowship they had with God BEFORE they were competent enough to commit (a voluntary act that demands the ability to choose) sin (which causes the cessation of fellowship with God, Isaiah 59:1-2). The verse reads: “….thy sins have separated between thee and thy God and He will not hear your prayers.” May I remind you to be separated, you must have to be in fellowship—to be reconciled you have to first be conciled, together—to be divorced you must first have to be married!! Jesus said: “their angels always behold the face of the Father which is in Heaven” in Matthew 18:10, babies had and have never been separated from the “face of the Father (His presence) and need no mediator!!
This truth also destroys the idea that the “twelve tribes of Israel” is what is in question in Matthew 19:28—physical Israel could never be saved!! They never had a sacrifice which would appease the Father—“the blood of bulls and heifers could not take away sin”, Hebrews 10:4, therefore, the sins of physical Israel were NEVER taken away (removed from the mind of the Father) Every Jew and Gentile were always SEPARATED from His “presence” AFTER they committed their very first sin!! There was NO forgiveness under the first two covenants!! God the Father supplied the perfect sacrifice. He died on Calvary’s tree. For the FIRST TIME since the fall of Adam and Eve mankind could be restored, come BACK into fellowship, or stand in the face of the Father in Heaven as did the infant BEFORE SIN!!

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