Sinless Part 10

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Is It Possible To Be Sinless?

Matthew 15 21-28 tells us the famous story of Christ’s casting the devil out of the woman of Canaan’s daughter and it has something in it that is both singular and very surprising. Christ was prophesied as “the light” by Isaiah. “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Isaiah 9:2 Here is a “gleam of that light which was to lighten the Gentiles.” Luke 2:32
As God was mocked by the Jew as they played with His affection, though He long endured, He did not endure the contradiction of sinners against Himself. God WILL give up on those who play Him. Keep Him at a distance, stiff-arm Him when He draws you, and you will soon have calloused your heart so there is no appeal left to obey Him!!
This mother was a stranger to the commonwealth of Israel. Providence brought her and Christ together. Had He never taken this journey it is probable that she would have never come to Him. Obedience to Christ has often come when those who would have never sought Him are brought into His presence by a circumstance. The tender-hearted feel the miseries of those that are pieces of themselves! The distress and pain brought about by Satan’s encumbrance drove this woman to the Lord.
She has a strange cry-“Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David”. She does not plead for merit, but for mercy. She has not earned the right, she pleads-mercy. Her plea was turned down. This was entirely different for the Lord. He was always answering before they called and hearing while they were yet speaking! WHY?? The methods of providence may be explained with the key to this story.
While she spoke, He “answered her not”. By ignoring her and drawing away from her, she desired more. The disciples interceded in her behalf; “send her away with a cure, she cries after us, and is troublesome to us.” Yet, Christ did not, He did something stranger—He argued with her, presenting an un-answerable argument. A lesser woman would have given up. It is a great consideration when we consider we are of those who Christ sent someone to tell us the sweet story of salvation and others are not.
What Christ said silenced the disciples (they took His answer as final), she COULD not!! She had nothing to loose. Instead of blaming Christ, or charging Him with unkindness, she seems to respect His answer as righteous. Disappointment in success demands more earnestness when the cause is just!! She was NOT a child of Israel and did NOT deserve His favor, but she represented one who was His!! “If I perish, I perish, was her attitude, she is worthy”. Weak Christians question their right at times to ask for those things they do not feel worthy—such had better mind their prayers to the Father. Throw yourself on the mercy of the court of Heaven. Does Heaven not look upon those “in Christ” who have broken hearts as a Father looks at His children?? I hear people cry “Lord, help me” and they cry in vain, they use it as a byword and in doing this take God’s name in vain!!
“I beg a crumb, Lord, is it not small in comparison to the loaves you have fed to Israel” They, who are conscious of themselves, knowing they deserve nothing, will be thankful for anything, especially when they observe the way the “faithful” treat the Lord—at a great man’s house are not the dogs fed as sure as the children?? Faith honors God most, the greater the faith, the stronger the appeal, the more “power we have with God”!! Unfortunately, the most needful do not assemble, pray, give, or let their light shine—yet, demand the blessings!! “God is not mocked”. Galatians 6:5

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Joe David Wilson

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