Sinless Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 11 in the series Is It Possible To Be Sinless?

With all the Bible teaches about the priesthood of believers, most have not considered the High Priest of our profession, Jesus Christ. He is ETERNAL. This means much more when we consider the continuity of His work as priest. In the Old Law the priest lived as normal men, dies as mortals, and left behind all the secrets they had learned about those for whom they interceded. The next priest had to “re-learn” the weaknesses and failures of each person he served. This would create a weakness in effort, intercession, and blessing rendered by the service. In our covenant, Christ, lives eternally. There is no cessation of effort, understanding, or service. He always knows His subjects, their weaknesses, and their strengths. He is far better able to serve our needs before the Father.
He speaks the language of the spirit. No such language is in the reach of mortal man. How often have you and I been misunderstood when it was so vitally important to be understood? How many ways have words been abused and mis-defined by those who mean so much to us and the inability to express ourselves as we desire is just not possible? When was the last time you were in front of someone who could determine your happiness, safety, and your ability to make it financially and you could not speak the “technical” language you needed to speak and because of this inability, failed? What a representative!! God, the Father needs to know our hearts and minds. He, of all with whom we deal, needs to have a clear comprehension of what we are all about!! Your soul’s habitation for eternity depends on this communication!! Who could you trust? Your parents? Your mate? Your best friends? With all their sincerity can we trust our souls to their abilities to communicate to our Heavenly Parent?? Who knows you that well?? Remembering that there is no ranking of greatness between God, the Spirit and God the Son, we must understand why each speaks to God, the Father on our behalf! God, the Spirit speaks as He reads our hearts. He intercedes while God, the Son speaks the words God, the Father wants His children to speak when addressing Him!! Talk about the “Dream Team ”!! Who could ever have conceived of such Help for we who are so un-worthy?? And the world got mad when O.J. got off when everybody knew he was guilty!! What about you and me?? Don’t get me wrong. Our salvation will NOT be dependent of their abilities to express our needs, we will not be able to blame Them if we are lost, but it WILL depend on just how well this need is expressed!! Even the best lawyer cannot win for you acquittal if you are insincere, but just imagine the Mind-Trust at our disposal!! Is there any reason to wonder WHY we can have so much “power with God”?? It is almost unfair!! Every time we absent ourselves from this sacred place of strength we are limiting what God, the Father had in mind for those who obey Him!!
He represents perfection. Given the task of coming and dieing for the sins of we who make up His Bride, Christ is the most beautiful, living example of a job well done!! No failures, no oops, no let Me try it again, I just was not up for it—perfection has never been better defined as it is when it describes the work completed on Calvary’s tree by Jesus Christ!! He NEVER MADE A MISTAKE!! I know some like to tell the world Jesus was half-man and half-God and when the Man-part overtook the God-part Christ was at His best; but this junk is all man’s theory. Jesus did not come to this world to TRY and do what He was sent to accomplish. For Him, it was not a valiant attempt!! Christ is, was, and forever more shall be God. When He arrived in Mary’s womb, He was/is God: when He ridiculed the sin of man He was/is God!! JESUS IS GOD.

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