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Only God could have come up with this idea. Man has had a propensity to sin ever since the Garden of Eden. It seems as though we just cannot restrain ourselves from this practice. Has it ever occurred to you that God knew what He was making, how we would act and re-act, and also knew we would have trouble with sin? Since God hates sin so much, gave His only begotten Son to allow its forgiveness; made man knowing his weakness to sin; why did He not make man so he would and could not sin? Before you get too far involved with this question, you had better consider the angels that sinned before man sinned! Could God not make a being that could not sin?? Emphatically—every other creature, plant life, or heavenly body God has made will not and cannot SIN!!
Why did God make man? Why did He not satisfy Himself and make man so we too cannot or will not sin??
All creatures that can think, reason, choose, and understand can sin, but there were angels who did not sin!. All creatures that cannot chose, do not sin. How does this make sense? All creatures that can communicate, feel, and respond to God (for He is spirit) are given the ability to chose, have and are sinning. How can this be? Is it that the higher the intelligence achieved, the less the Creator can control His creation? Or is choice the great uncontrollable factor? Would we not have the right to feel sorry for ourselves if we just had not had that group of angels who kept their first estate?? Did man and angels get away from God or could He not have made them as He made all other creatures—to not sin?? Have you ever seen a dog sin? Does a dog chose or does he react to instinct? Who gave him that thing called instinct? You are so right—God!! Have you ever seen a planet go against He who put her in orbit? Have you ever heard or have you ever seen a molecule or atom disobey God’s law? How many horses have been tried for breaking God’s rules and spent time in horse prison? Did God create man with instinct? Then why do we sin?
So far we are in a dilemma. We have all creatures of God who cannot reason, chose between good and evil, and go against instinct remain sinless while all creatures who can over-ride their instinct, chose, and reason; commit sin: WHY? Can angels choose, do they have instinct, can they reason? Does Satan have a small splinter group or small minority of the angels that sinned after they were created or are there a small group of angels that remained faithful that serve God after Satan and his angels fell? Were the angels that remained faithful brain-washed, were they made a better deal by God than those who sinned, or was their right of choice impeded??
We know so very little about the pre-creation events so the only thing we can learn about those times is by inference or reference to the age before time began. Of all the things we know one is all we need to hold us in check before God for our entire life-time—they never sinned!! All things being equal, opportunities remaining the same-they NEVER SINNED!! This gives us hope that what they accomplished, we can follow. John tells who can do such a feat of wonder: “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keeps himself, and that wicked one touches him not”. 1 John 5:18 The question then comes, ‘are you and I born of God and has the nature called God begotten us”??
“Born of God” or being “born again” was what Jesus promised Nicodemus would be an ear-mark of His kingdom. Has that come about, are we able to be “born again”? Peter writes: “Being born again, by the word of God…the gospel preached unto you.”

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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