Speaking in Tongues Part 2

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Speaking in tongues, glossolalia, making predictions about the future, sometimes called prophecies, supernatural voices and visions, theophanies, casting out demons, exorcism, pronouncing curses, defixiones, healings and many other wonders are considered by some to be the way to validate the power of the God of Christianity. Those who play in this world of rabid extremism find themselves often burnt by the doctrines they espouse. As we mentioned last week, paganism and other mediums have evidences among them doing the same. On record are case studies which show pagans speaking in ecstatic utterances and in foreign languages, making predictions, casting out demons, and pronouncing curses. There is virtually no place o n the earth where these kinds of phen9omena have not been and are not still being practiced with “success”. How can these things be? Along with these modern ‘miracles’ there are things that accompany them. Physical change may take place. A countenance may change, there may be a new behavior pattern, the voice may change, seen either in intonation or a change in content. Sometimes the change is from a male voice to a female voice. In some cases it appears that a different person’s voice is speaking; sometimes vulgarity is present from a person never known to speak such, or howling, crying, groaning, ecstatic utterance which make no sense or reason and appear to be no language at all, or a foreign language. In other times these activities were called ‘demon possession’. There mat be a motor-movement take place in the possessed person. This has been observed in such activities as violent shaking, twisting, contortions, jerking, dancing, or a significant increase in physical strength. As you know, these types of ‘experiences’ are being reported by those who possess the “Holy Spirit”, these are claimed proofs that God is working in them!!
These same types of ‘experiences’ are reported among those of pagan religions; what do they prove there?? On the Tonga Islands, healings were done by raising over the head of the sick person a basket containing a bead-necklace, bangles and leaves of a Na tree. In Ceylon, people were healed by visiting the temple of the demon Vakula Bandara Devijo. IN India, some were healed in conjunction with pagan ceremonies at the temple of Hur-hureshvurku at Conkon. Others regained health by the sight of Maya. Others have attributed their healing to the mother of Buddha. There are numerous stories from Africa, Jamaica, the back streets of New Orleans and others places where “witch doctors” can hex people and kill them, pronounce curses on others and heal, and they did!! Did this prove them a ‘power of God’??
Exorcism is popular, made such by movies and an interest in the occult. In Siam, pagan “doctors” by pronouncing charms and beating the person possessed by demons with rods, heal them. In China, gifted people called mediums cast out demons by entering into a communion with the departed dead! In Japan, the pagan sect Nichiren made exorcism a specialty, and people went to a temple at Nalayama for such practices. In Mecca (you know the ‘a baba baga boos’ had to get in on the act), the spirit of Zor was cast out by the shechah, using charms and sacrifices. The Mohammedans cast out Zor by drinking beer, dancing, and banging their heads against a wall, (smart, right!). Among the Hindus in India, demons were cast out on the 45th and 46th nights of Cukasaptati by saying, “In the name of Katagara, come forth”. (Katagara was the name of the wife of the Brahman who lived in Vatsamin at that time). And the holy rollers think they have the only show in town! Jim and Tammy, Oral and the boys, Benny Hinn, and the local Pentecostal liars don’t have a thing on these Devil worshippers, they are a poor act!

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