Speaking in Tongues Part 7

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Mark 16:9-20 is not often studied, but often used to support those claims of the Pentecostals, Methodist, even the Roman Catholics who think themselves specially “chosen and selected”. In none of the exhortations of Mark 16:9-20 do we find them using it as a measuring rod for their “feeling better felt than told”. There are some of the so-called scholars who are on record that these verses were added by some scribe in the 2nd century, after Mark had died. Those who believe this nonsense find a better time at the NFL Draft (where they are looking for something they confess they probably will not find!!) In fact, there are only TWO manuscripts they have found that leave out these passages. Two out of about 200 do not make good religion!!
If one will not accept the textual message of the 16th chapter maybe they will have to accept the conclusions that are forced on them. If one takes Mark 16:17 to justify tongue-speaking, he MUST take Mark 16:18. “They shall pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly think, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” I suggest the latter part of this verse begin to be practiced in the hospitals. They need to meet at least once a week, go through the ICU wards and heal everybody in that unit!!
I was addressed one evening while in the ICU waiting room by a man who came out acting strangely and speaking something that sounded like a two year old child with its hand caught in a mouse trap! He declared; “I just healed two people who were at the door of death, glory to God, praise Jesus!” I was sitting there with a aged saint who’s husband’s heart had failed and he was dieing. I thought to myself; “how unfair for this person to be so unkind”. I stood up grabbed him around his neck, lifted him off the floor, and told him I would break his neck if he did not re-enter the ICU ward and heal my brother whose heart had failed!”. He began to cry and wimper that I was hurting him. I ‘encouraged’ him a little more to return and heal my brother. It was so unfair. I regained my composure and suggested to him that he and I would make a trip to a grave yard nearby, after the healed came walking out of the ICU ward, where my beloved mother’s body lay and IF he did not raise her from the dead, I would put him in the vacant lot beside her!! I sat his feet back on the floor and he ran like a rabbit being shot at. I am not bragging about this, I am not exaggerating, this man HAD NO RIGHT to be SO unfair. If he could heal one, he could heal one of the one’s for whom I was praying! Please do not follow my example, I was just overwhelmed with this man’s lack of respect for the SAINTS OF GOD who were dying!!
I suggest that those who speak in tongues claiming Mark 16:17-20 as their proof text also sponsor a poison-drink party sometime at the nearest Pentecostal Church building and invite all their spiritually innocuously inspired brethren from all denominations in for a nice cup of stricnine or other quality drinks of this kind ‘for a closer walk in the Spirit’!! Just think of all the “rapturous joy in the Spirit” they could share, one with another, as they defy death, proving themselves something truly chosen and special for having such overwhelming confidence in Jesus!! Yes, we would allow them to bring along a few diamond back rattlers just to liven up the fellowship, if they wanted. Jesus said that some of those “He never knew” would cast out demons and do mighty works in His name, Matthew 7:22,23. Paul warned the Thessalonians that the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders. 2 Thess. 2:9. And in NONE of these exhortations were the signs of Mark used as a measuring rod!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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