The Lord’s Supper Part 3

“Knowing He came from God and was going to God” Jesus came to a long anticipated inauguration that only the family can be involved, the introduction of the memorial of His covenant-the Lord’s Supper. It can not go unnoticed that the preparation of the last Passover was not only delicate, it was completely thorough, completely organized and set up by Christ Himself, even down to the colt that had never been ridden. This kind of thoroughness was not unlike Christ– in His introductory baptism by John the Baptist, His going to Lazarus funeral service, we see the same pattern. Not only choreographed completely by Christ, this Supper is to be in a special place, special people are to be there, and when special planning is involved usually special things happen, special blessings are given. This particular Supper will not disappoint anyone who studies its events.
Jesus had had meals before with the disciples, it was an occurrence that took place once a year and commemorated a special night in Jewish lore. Interestingly, death was the subject and Christ was the messenger on both occasions these meals were attended. As with the Passover, so with the Lord’s Supper, both were to be set as a religious ceremony with one element being constant, the bread. In the Passover, the bread was unleavened-the reason not being explained in that covenant as types never satisfy the aspirant of meaning and in the old covenant the bread was coupled with bitter herbs and spices which showed the arduous journey that had to be taken before its reality came into existence. In the Lord’s Supper the wine of joy was put in the place of bitterness and disappointment which makes the participant glad that he or she has been called to remember such a joyous occasion as the remembrance of the forgiveness of sin. Other meals took place three times during Christ earthly ministry to which I will only call your attention that bread was also in these: the feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000 and the silent supper hosted by Christ for Simon Peter. In the feeding of the 1,000’s the event took place with NO planning. When man handles something, this is so. The situation demanded the events while the meal which was hosted for Simon was totally planned with every element purposely orchestrated to perfection by our Lord. But, the last Supper hosted by Christ was the only Supper that had previously been pictured before covenants were made with man available only for the sinless. It has been un-noticed by many but had residency in the Garden of Eden.
The purpose for the Tree of Life has been open to speculation by many. That it was there is not questioned. That it was not for those who had ever sinned has not been questioned, for they never partook. That they knew of its purpose is also known, for God said “lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever” they drove them out of the Garden. God left man with his tongue which was given man only to bless God and look what he has done with it. James 3:9 If its name means anything, what it is, is what it is called. In the Garden, life was interrupted by sin. Until sin, physical life was questioned or understood. Eve testified to the fact that she and Adam were told they would die, physically, but it didn’t bother them for they knew they were in a process of transmutation, that which one day the saints of God will participate- in the resurrection!! Satan repeats the promise of physical death by saying in the Hebrew: “Dieing, you are dieing, already”! Genesis 3:3 Death is as much a part of man’s existence as birth. In the Garden sin was not, so Adam and Eve run out for they were naked and until God could cover that nakedness, they could be in His presence.

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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