The Lord’s Supper Part 8

The metaphor of marriage as a relation between Christ and His kingdom or the church is not new in the God’s Revelation. Jesus taught it in many places: Matthew 22:12-5; Luke 14:16-24; Matthew 8:10-12; Revelation 19:1-1-10 just to name a few. Neither is it different from the other teachings of the apostle Paul. His letters are filled with this metaphor or symbol. Paul said, “Wherefore, my brethren, you also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that you should be married to another, even to Him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruits unto God.” Romans 7:4 The church at Rome was not with His significant other, she in fact was married!! Not being legitimately married she could not have the privilege of bearing fruit-giving the message of the new birth to those who were begotten by the message of the Spirit!! She was married to Christ—“to Him whom God raised from the dead.” Unless the marriage of the Lamb was a reality, the wedding ring on her finger, the Lord’s Supper, would not and will not today, be of any significance.
Every man who marries a woman gives her something of significance between themselves that shows the covenant of loyalty, love, and fidelity. This item is usually presented to the bride by the groom at the wedding. This item (usually a ring in our society) is of great value (maybe not financially, but from the heart) to this couple. When given usually a ceremony is recited, which, when beautifully done will bring tears to his bride’s eyes. “Wear this, in remembrance of me” is usually the understood request. This ring is worn with overwhelming pride by the new bride. One can see her many times holding out her left hand looking at the ring with that blushing pride because the ring reminds her of the love of her husband. Every other man that has anything to him, when he sees that ring on her left hand, third finger; never tries to court-entice-or form a romantic relationship with her to draw her away from her husband. If that were to occur, the safety net given the bride by the groom would have to be stepped over. She unconsciously would be reminded of her oaths and vows once she saw the ring!! How beautiful if the plan of God for us His children who get the privilege every first day of the week to again be reminded of the confession of faith, the body that was sacrificed, and the blood that was shed which does for us the same!! How can we step over the line and become unfaithful to our Lord when every Sunday we commit ourselves again to His love and sacrifice looking into His face, as we partake?? We have to admit to one fact—we forsake Him intentionally, not accidentally, we have to ignore His ring!!
The purpose in being married to the risen Christ is to bring forth fruit unto God. Unless we bear fruit unto God, we shall be cut off, cast into the fire and burned. John 15:6 Failure to bear fruit unto God was the cause of Israel’s destruction. Matthew 21:33 Israel was married to God spiritually and divorced. Jeremiah 3:13-25 Because of her unfaithfulness she was removed from her estate (of marriage). If we follow her example, having been married-become unfaithful to that union, we too will be divorced and set adrift in the world without anyone to provide, protect, or love us!! It has to be understood that the bride, or wife, cannot bear fruit outside of wedlock or she commits adultery. Therefore, if we are not married to Christ—we cannot bear fruit unto Him, in which case we will be cast off and burned or we would commit spiritual adultery and will be set adrift and damned. If the Law of Moses is our historical precedent, once we have been married to Christ—we can never again be brought back into that union!! Deuteronomy 24:4, Matthew 7:23; 2 Peter 2:21; 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

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