The Lord’s Supper

Man was not made for the Lord’s Supper observance, the Lord’s Supper observance was made for man. None but a master of the human totality, perfectly skilled in all the aspects of our species- considering the spiritual, physical, and moral endowments of which we are made, could perfectly adapt an institution to man in reference to all that he is, and to all that he is destined to become, but God!! That it is of divine origin has never been questioned by saint or cynic. Its observance has never been questioned only WHO partakes and HOW OFTEN!! This is one of the major differences between those who follow Christ and those who follow men. He who must attentively “work out his salvation with fear and trembling” must contemplate just and true answers to all the questions posed on this subject as he finds himself before the God of all the Earth, partaking of its elements or he eats and drinks damnation to himself!!
Man is totally incapable of originating such an observance and history is silent to any other observance like it. Something so seemingly unnoticeable and estranged from the other events of that night (when the creature revolted against its Creator) has ever been chronicled. That it was recorded at all is more than remarkable, it is providential, an incident calendared only by God in the events of such a fateful evening. That it would become THE reason man’s Creator would shine such a flood light on its observance teaching damnation of those who would reject its observance, shows it not of human origin!! He who most attentively and profoundly reads the divine record himself, and contemplates the picture which the Lord of this Institution has drawn of Himself, will be most willing to confess BY PARTAKING with his mouth, Romans 10:13, WEEKLY!!
Man is ignorant of himself and is not a good judge of himself. What could persuade man that a human being, in any age, or in any country, could be so far superior to himself as an institution where such praise and pain is exhibited? No man will allow the self-worship of his equal. This feast is beyond the rituals of any institution of remembrance before established and is as much superior to anything man has espoused– as the creation of the sun, moon, and stars is beyond man’s abilities to make them. As the eye of man cannot see itself; the ear of man cannot hear itself; or the understanding of man discern itself. There IS an institution of God who sees like the human eye, who hears like the human ear, and judges the man as he partakes involving His God–bringing that man to his knees before that God, only the Supper of the Lord. He who made the eye for man, can He not see? He who made the ear of man, can He not hear? He who made the heart of man, can He not know? We NEED to know how God sees us!! It is not as supernatural to adapt a system to man as it is to create him? See the wisdom, bringing the WHOLE man in control each week?? To suit the outside to the inside requires as much wisdom as to suit the inside to God. The outer man exists for the inner man. The Lord’s Supper takes the outward participation past the outward expression and makes it an expression of the inward man which glorifies his deserving God. This foundation of the public worship service also exhibits the wonder of its Creator-Love. Through this Supper, God prepares the human spirit for its future habitation. Also, man in all his non-functional forms of worship could never design a system of religion that causes the outside participation to maintain the inward man, when partaken properly. These are among the many reasons we must be thankful to be invited to this Supper. It is truly our “built-in” maintenance for the long trip, home!! It is like insurance and every Sunday, we get to partake of a little more insurance!! Accidents happen—don’t miss!!

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Joe David Wilson

Joe David Wilson

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