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In legendary tales of the early rulers beginning with the Tower of Babel, we begin to learn many things about the observance of what is today called Christmas. According to their tales the god of the Earth was named Geb. Geb had a mate named Nut, a sky goddess. Nephtys or Isis was Osiris sister who became his wife. Nut had a brother named Seth. Osiris birthday was celebrated on December 25th Osiris was the son of a god and a mortal virgin, they tell. Osiris was a good god-man-king who lived a good life upon the Earth making wise and just decisions. But, he married a woman who was loved by his brother, Seth. By the malice of his evil brother he was slain, his body was mutilated and his body parts were spread buried in a tree truck, put in the Nile, which rammed into a coastal area because of the current, part of which hung out in the air. The part which hung out became the roof of a king’s palace. Osiris’s wife was named Isis. Isis collected his body parts and resurrected Osiris from the dead (her being a queen and goddess with special powers) long enough for him to impregnate her, then, he ascended to Heaven and disappeared. Some think he went away others think he went back to be with his father, Geb. Does this sound like Walt Disney or what?? Osiris began to be worshipped. Isis had a baby. It was Isis’ tale that Osiris begat the child which was never verified. When the child was born (on December 25th ) he had a golden ring around his head. The statues of Isis with her son were hung in the heathen temples and places of worship. As late as the 5th century A.D. Osiris had a strong following and was still being worshipped in Italy. Gregory the Great had them destroyed and Osiris has not been worshipped, since. Gregory was the first to began the mass around 604 AD. Just coincidence, I’m sure!! The celebration was very popular with peasants and peoples of Italy and many converted to Catholicism.
Osiris believed a man was what he ate. He ate grain and drank wine. When those who worshipped him came to offer sacrifice to his name the believed the grain and wine was trans-substantiated into literal body and literal blood. They called their offering a sacrament! Osiris became king of the after-life. His death and resurrection were seen as the symbolic re-play of the flooding and re-growth of crops yearly of the Nile. Later Osiris was called Re or Ra.
Osiris took on a Greek name-Dionysus. He was male, partly human and born of a virgin. He offered his followers a chance to be born again through the rite of baptism. After his death he ascended to Hell (Hades) and arose 3 days later. The he ascended to Heaven. His followers await his return to judge the world. His death, burial, and resurrection was celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine.
The Jews of Italy saw the benefit of this type of celebration. They were in a position to make a lot of money from these feasts. To induce them into this observance the Catholics began the sacrifice with the song “O Come, O Come Emanuel and ransom captive Israel”. That this song is sung every Christmas cannot be denied. Christmas caroling repeats the joyous refrain that teaches Israel is STILL expecting the Messiah to ransom her. Now, the Jews will favor the celebration because this feast teaches the killing again of the false Christ of Christianity!! It also teaches Christ is not the Messiah promised by the God of the Old Testament.
In the 4th century, the Gnostics picked up the football. They taught that Christ was only flesh until His baptism by John —then He became part man and part God. He dies at Easter time and His death is celebrated by a ritual of bread and wine

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