The Last Week of Jesus Life Part 17

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In the dispensation called the “fullness of times” Christ came to fulfill the “will of the Father” by dieing on the tree at Moriah/Calvary so we whom God created in His own image could spend eternity with the definition of love, compassion, and mercy. It was the end of the 6,000 years of dealing with human beings whom God the Father could not fellowship because of His holiness. God, the Son stepped down, condescended to come in the fashion of man, so God, the Holy Spirit, could communicate the totality of the “mystery of the ages.” All angels, spirits above, below, and between the realms of heaven and hell had anticipated the “unification of all things” both in heaven and on earth that would portend the re-reinstatement of eternity that had been interrupted when God created mankind. Satan and his demons knew there would come a time when his reign of captivity over the fallen sons of God would end. He and his had searched the scriptures looking for every clue, called prophesy, hoping to stop the “times filling up” to learn when his reign would end. Every statement made concerning the offering of God’s Son communicated by the Holy Spirit through man would be accounted untrue if Christ did not die at Calvary! After all the dealings with sin and mankind, death and grief, patience and hope would have been forfeited. Nothing God would have ever said could be AGAIN held as true and sure. Sin would become a tale of comedy while punishment because of sin a mockery. “Let God be true” could never be seriously considered for what is it that man could rely on if God could not carry out His plan to populate heaven, if redemption could be stopped, held off for a while, or dropped because Christ decided not to die!!
Where would Christ go when His life ended on the earth? Could He live in that physical body which He inhabited for endless time? Turning His back on the “will of the Father” would require Him to perform someone’s will even if it was just His, but, when He left this planet to exist in another realm who would want Him, who would take Him, and how could He face His Father the moment He awoke on the other side of life? He would have broken a bond, a confidence, and a union that had existed for an endless continuum!! How could you He go home when no welcome would greet Him? Look at the situation Christ would have gained for Himself if He had determined His will was not the Father’s will!! No, He did not have to do anything He did not want to do, He is and will always will be God, BUT, the end result of changing the plan at the time of crisis would be impossible to conceive!!
This was the “fullness of times.” This was why heaven and earth, time, and man was created. Plans must have an ending or they are nothing at all. The excitement of finishing, the reward of it all succeeding, and concept of enduring would have all been abated had Christ not died. There would have been no climax to God’s dealing with mankind. The word “fullness” is from the Greek word pleroma which includes the concept of totality. The shear thought of coming to the end having completed ever step in its sequence and order and not finishing the reason for which it all had begun is an joke someone forgot to laugh about. If no one had ever defined time for us, this is the definition of why time existed, otherwise eternity would have continued to be. So, the reason for creating, the time for which creation would have its purpose defined, and significance of both would not be. If Christ had not died for the church, who would have died in His place-there was no other!! “John wept much because not other was found worthy to open the book, neither to look thereon.” Revelation 5:4
The phrase “fullness of times” defines that which is has come to be!! God, the Father could not disallow the results of sin unless He had ended its rule and reign among men. The undertaking would have been taken under and Satan would have defeated God in all things, the created would have defeated the Creator and They of His like being. The picture of man and woman in the Garden would have been played out again. Adam from whom Eve came would not have been the ruler and the “law of order of all things” would again be denied. Christ submitted to be “made of a woman” but never to be subject to her will of whim. To be “made of a woman was His incarnation NOT His subjection!! There was something MORE in view for Christ coming into this world than just to relieve mankind from the bondage of some ceremonial law!! The intolerable yoke, which is the anti-type of Egyptian bondage, would have failed. Maybe a Greater than Moses” had not come??

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