The Last Week of Jesus Life Part 26

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Three Beings of superior intelligence, communication, understanding, and abilities have invited you and I to spend an endless period of time with Them without want, doubt, or necessities and some have the temerity to turn that down?? Of special interest is the price They decided to pay to procure for us such an invitation and reality. Further probing this special offering, They determined to have One of Them show man what love would do, showing the dignity and respect with which They considered our estate. In this great act of love, occurring over 6,000+ years, They determined the final week of Their representative on this planet would be filled with agonies unusual in the human experience, higher in difficulties and consequences far above any other week in the life of humanity. Yet mankind determined Them a failure and the One Representative They sent us defeated by the same mankind He created!! Imagine, some Being so high and above our nature, who created out of nothing our substance, and we have the unimaginable ridiculousness to think He could be defeated by we whom He made!! Is this not just like the stupidity of an inferior being concerning a Superior Being??
Mankind thinks to make himself be soverign lord of this special created world, so he has to make the Creator equal to himself by defining Him by standards man defines man!! Reasonable and clear-thinking humanity would immediately rebel at the thought!! If Christ was smart enough to make us would it not seem reasonable and rational that He would be smart enough to not be defeated in His purposes by what He had created?! Forget that Christ was the only Being of His kind that was ever housed in human flesh, forget that this same Christ was the creator of all things, and forget that, true to His nature, He could not fail at anything while you remember that mankind establishes Him as inferior to mankind in His death (for many of the representatives of mankind went through the same type death and agony, temptation and trial, debauchery and dishonor and yet NEVER gave way to what the elite among us think our Christ gave in to thereby denying the fulfillment of His Father’s plan and 6000+ years of planning and preparation)!! Truly, when man’s eye is dark and Satan-directed oh! how deep is that darkness!!
Aren’t you glad that this same God had the infinite intelligence to recognize that not ALL of us are this blind-sighted and recalcitrant?? Knowing His wisdom and might, we see Him offering Heaven to the man who chooses Him! These are NOT the ones who claim they love Him, these are the true, tried, and tested that PROVE they chose Him and that by the way they obey the precepts of His new testament! These are not the ones who claim His lordship, then violently disobey His commands because they prefer the doctrines and emotions of man to the non-human and beyond human commands. The ones invited are we who have prepared our hearts to do whatsoever His written Word has demanded!! The rationality behind some of His commands escape us. What is rational about dipping our human bodies in water and telling us that would save? What is rational about instructing the baptized sons and daughters to gather once a week and partake of tasteless unleavened bread and non-fermented fruit of the vine to show our love for Him? Explain the human rationality behind His command to sing, preach, pray, give, and partake of His supper when we meet to worship instead of doing things man would like!! Tell us why mankind has not picked up on the fact that the commands of our Lord have to be higher than man’s thoughts and not give way to the emotions, feelings, and experiences that humanity would dictate? Yet, mankind will say; “I see not blood in the waters of baptism” or “why every first day of the week do you partake of the Lord’s Supper,” or “the services of the Church of Christ are boring compared to the emotional, sensational, assemblies of our denominational church? Why tell mankind “sprinkling water on someone is just as good as immersing them in a tank!!” Isn’t it interesting that the same denominational bodies that reject His commands for baptism that demand an understanding that salvation cannot precede or follow anything else are the same denominations that reject His demands for worship as He has commanded?? Is it not rational, then to think that the “feel good, gonna have my experience of joy salvation testimony, sprinkled, and entertained when I assemble” sinner will not make the cut when Christ comes back?? “The blind lead the blind, and they all will fall in the ditch” seems to fit best describing this mis-lead sojourner!!

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