The Last Week of Jesus Life Part 32

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“And as they were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it…” Matthew 26:26 How long, when eternity existed with Those who possessed the nature called God (for with Them it has never ceased to be), when time was not yet for we who are of the nature called human beings, did the Creator and Sustainer of all things, who had covenanted with Him who is called “The Father” to come and die for the sins of the yet uncreated, had He anxiously waited to get to introduce this observance that would declare the justification of His death? No other part of Christianity exonerates the purpose and glory of the sacrificed life like the Lord’s Supper, and when the Law of Moses was passing away, when the Patriarchal covenant was slipping into fulfillment; the Son of God from realms beyond our understanding held in His hands the representative of His sacrificed body!! No one could deny the life and its purpose after the introduction and observance of this Supper. He was holding it in His hands, the hands that was anxiously waiting to pay the price for our freedom by being nailed to an old rugged tree, the hands that held the hope of all the redeemed God’s sacrifice. For our hands that now hold this bread which declares Him free from sin also declares that our souls, when partaking, are declaring the new birth into which he or she has entered and that we are in a continuous covenant relationship with Christ!! Every time we partake of this broken bread, we are reaching back to a period when time did not exist and forward to His second coming! These were the hands of Sacrifice, not the hands of a hireling. These were not the hands of a coward, who some have taught who would cry to “get out of the death” that would purchase our freedom. These were not the hands controlled by human emotion and passion, for like ALL the events of the last week, these hands were in control of everything that was and would be taking place! These were the hands of the God’s sacrifice!!
God, the Father has not remained silent on this subject. The apostle Paul wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit; “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the world, and received up into glory.” 1 Timothy 3:16 God was declaring, defending, exonerating the death of His Son so we who are apart of His kingdom might “tarry long…in the house of God”, for it is she which supports and holds up to the eyes of all mankind, this truth of the glorified Son when she partakes!! 1 Timothy 3:15 God wrote a book, called the Revelation, so His children could know the fulfillment and completion of the death, burial, and resurrection (“those things which had just shortly come to pass,” which had been declared by the Old Testament prophets, Revelation 1:1-4), gave it to the Church of Christ by a special type of inspiration, Paul to John (as Paul had seen this revelation in Paradise but it had to be finalized through the Holy Spirit) just to justify the death of His Son!!
Here, He now stands, with this unleavened bread in His hands!! Something that been apart of every Passover, but who’s significance was not understood. It truly had been a long arduous journey from eternity to this point in time, but, He is not regulated by time, is He? God as Christ feared not to have set beside the devil’s representative when He arose to introduce this Supper. He did not worry that He would be able to carry out to the minutest detail the “mystery of the ages” (only some of His faithless children would teach that lie from Hell), nor did He consider in that night, a night so full of events, emotion, and history that this Supper might by His children be overlooked (it is only overlooked by they who are false Christ, false apostles, and teachers of damnation). He did not seem concerned that His request to “do this in remembrance of Me,” would be forgotten by all who have “born again.” For all we who are in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son partake of this bread EVERY first day of the week, as requested!! It is only the religious but lost, they “who partake and are damned,” and have no spiritual birthday to celebrate that mock this great event by “setting the table” when they get good and ready!!
Here, stands, the Captain of our salvation, the messenger of the covenant, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the bright and morning star with the representative of His flesh in His hands and tells His apostles, save one, “I Am going to prepare a place for you,” the same message He gives everyone of us who partake every first day of the week!!! And to the denying, the weak, and the unlearned; He was not worried about dieing! He created death!! He is NOT HUMAN, HE IS GOD!!

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