The Last Week of Jesus Life Part 4

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I intentionally wanted to draw your attention away from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to allow you to see what was important that day. There are many who still want to believe Jesus wanted to reign on David’s throne in physical Jerusalem. This is a lie from the pits of Hell fomented in the larvae of Satan encrusted in the bedrock of damnation. (Could I say it any more positive that this?) They think sense in the triumphant entry, the glories of their yearning they have for their pre-millenial visages. “OH, if Jesus just could have been treated like He should have been,” or “Now this, is what the King of Glory deserved” can be heard from pulpits across our brotherhood when if fact had this “Glorious Entry” been what God had intended would not Christ have reigned, THEN?? Had He, the Church of Christ would not and could not have come into existence and salvation would still be a glowing ember in everybody’s hearts and minds instead of a reality!! You see, my friend, the great event of that day occurred when the Greeks came to Phillip and Andrew and ask; “Sirs, we would see, Jesus.”
Men for centuries have longed for a different ending to the story of Christ than the one the Godhead predetermined. They feel sorry for Jesus!! They think they are being loyal and loving to His memory. In fact, you can hear preachers crying over the size of the spikes driven into His hands and feet or the crown of thorns in His brow or His tears becoming like drops of blood as they proclaim that Jesus did not really want to die. They preach that Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane begging and pleading with the Father to stop the show and change the ending; “Father, if Thou wilt, let this cup pass from me.” I hope you noticed that I did not put any punctuation marks in that verse as they have, mine to illustrate my point, theirs to support their lie! If, like them, they write; “let this cup, pass from Me” they teach a false doctrine by the placing of the comma, wrongly. I will show (myself not being in the presence of Christ when He made this plea) this to be opposite of the truth. In a court of law when eye witnesses cannot be had, the case is tried by what is called circumstantial evidence, not emotional supposition!!. What is the meaning of this passage?
Many view Matthew 26:39 as Christ pleading not to die when He was pleading TO DIE!! They think His triumphal entry shows the glory He wanted as support. Christ once said; “I was grieved with that generation, and said, ‘They do always err in their heart; and they have not known My ways.” Hebrews 3:10 Using circumstantial evidence and statements made beforehand as a lawyer would in court, we will try the case and reach a verdict, not listen to silly, emotional old wives tales!!
I will make a accusation that might shock the tender hearted. If Christ meant to beg off from death, He was more ignorant of the Old Testament scriptures than any prophet who prophesied!! Did Christ show ignorance, was it possible for Him NOT to die? How atheistically ridiculous. “When He cometh into the world, He saith, Sacrifice and offering ‘Thou wouldest not (animal sacrifices God was not satisfied with), but a body hast Thou prepared Me….Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume {at the beginning of written inspiration} it is written of Me (in the garden of Eden just after the fall of Adam) to do Thy will, O God. By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.” Hebrews 10:4-10 The words of One who could be claimed to be ignorant would USE the word IF, but not the words of the Wisdom of God!! The word IF is indicative of doubt! Did Christ come into this world doubting why or for what reason He came?? “but for this cause came I unto this hour.” John 12:27 Can we not learn the aim of the speaker, the cause, and intent by what He had already said?? “If I be not lifted UP” Were these words spoken by unspeakable Wisdom (these are the words used to describe Christ) not knew the Father? “From the beginning of His way before ever the earth was, before His works of old” Proverbs 8:22-23, “as the Father knew the Son”; “For the Father knoweth Me; even as I know the Father.” Matthew 11:27; Luke 10:22; John 10:15 (want more proof?) . Do you really think the Godhead sent someone who was or could have been questioned to succeed in the mission given Him?? Isaiah 28:16
Who told the prophets what they prophesied? Were the prophets ignorant of the sacrificial death of Christ?? If inspired beforehand with MUCH assurance “of the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.” 1 Peter 1:9-12, only atheist could believe He would retire from His given mission!!!!

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