The Last Week of Jesus Life Part 9

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If Christ was made to die on the cross of Calvary, who made Him? I have looked throughout the scriptures for years and found nothing, nowhere that would give people that idea. Before there were years, before there was time, before there was anything that existed but three Beings of the same nature, power, and majesty a covenant was established that obligated all three of these Beings to participate in a plan which came to be called “mystery” to create, save, and promote all who would be created as human beings to glory, honor, might, and power to co-exist with Them for ever and ever!
Each Being was uncreated existing in a timeless expanse called Eternity independent and self-reliant without need, requiring no assistance, aid, or understanding because all three were equal in every aspect that could be analyzed, characterized, or explained.
In this covenant Each would play a role, participate in the agreement that would bring about resulting glory for mankind. They agreed upon and so pre-determined, what would be. The “mystery” was an expression of love that was inherent in Their nature. Their manner of expression began with thought from Him who would become known as the “Ancient of Days.” This thought was brought into existence by Him who would be known as “the Word.” For words are the expression of and the closest thing to thought. Therefore, the Father originated the plan called the “great mystery,” and the Son made that plan become reality, and the Holy Spirit communicated this “mystery” to mankind throughout three dispensations, the last being the climax of all that pre-existed it.
Beyond thought are the great blessings of the Cross. Christ death, in a physical sense, took place to make the unthinkable, possible. Again, if He did not desire the Cross, who made Him die? Miracles did not make Jesus different from all other men. Other men had worked miracles. Dieing did not make Christ remembered, sacrificing Himself as He did did place Him in a unique category. Even being sinless did not make Christ He whom we worship, for other men had lived on this Earth before Him who had not sinned, reached full maturity, suffered and emptied themselves for others, some, even who they did not even know. There was nothing holy about His type of death on a cruel cross, many thousands had died this type of unseemingly cruel death. Temptation did not make Christ unique and the fact that He never faltered in His commitment to carry out the plan of another did not make Him unique. Being resurrected from the dead even did not make Him unique. Being resurrected to never die again is a type of resurrection that none other had accomplished, but still that is not what made His death at Calvary the panacea to sin that it was. Isaac was offered by his father Abraham, was agreeable to whatever Abraham desired even to the gathering of wood, laying down on the table of sacrifice without murmuring. Yet, his death would never have accomplished what Christ death accomplished. Even if you coupled His death, burial, and resurrection, the sinless dieing for the guilty, none of these things were unique. What made Christ sacrifice greater than all the animal or human sacrifices ever offered from the foundations of the world was that His blood would both appease and justify the righteous Father when He would forgive sin. No other blood could justify the Father in forgiving man of sin when did not forgive angels that sinned!! He and His blood was greater than all other men because He was of a different nature, Jesus was and is God! Some people cannot appreciate this distinction until they are reminded of distinctions of which they already agree. The other day someone bought something that had belonged to a past President of the United States which had cost nothing beyond the average price at the time purchased, but, since it had belonged to a President it had an entirely different value. Cars, shoes, strands of hair, furniture—houses, all these things can fit into that category. Drive in a neighborhood where there is a house that a Queen had been born in and tell me that a distinction is not at once in value and importance. Imagine then the blood from the body He shared then tell me it is not distinctive beyond value!! The One and only uncreated, eternal from before the beginning, and incarnated Son of God shed blood that no other being could EVER compare!! His blood is not only special, it was planned from before the beginning to be SPECIAL AND ONLY THING ACCEPTABLE TO THE FATHER TO FORGIVE SIN BEFORE THERE WAS MAN OR SIN!!

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