Who are these people called Baptist? Part 10

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The Baptist Church teaches that an alien center is saved when he has faith, when it comes into his heart, before and without water baptism. There are many versus in Scripture which confuses them because they do not rightly divide the scriptures. What causes their misunderstanding is their problem is their refusal of separating the Old Testament Scriptures from the New. They do not believe that there is distinctive difference. They also are not instructed in the fact that John and Jesus taught a baptism of preparation and that Jesus had His apostles teach the baptism of salvation. Acts 2:38
To whom did John and Jesus preach? They preached to the Jewish people who came back from Babylonian captivity and some remnants that had stayed behind when Nebuchadnezzar had taken the Jews to Babylon. These were people who had Old Testament faith, they had been taught the law of Moses in a fashion. Forgiveness of sin was an impossible attainment. It is important to know to whom you are speaking so the address will be one that would be instructive. In the days of Jesus and John,
Gentiles were not even considered! There were many laws that the Jew was attempting to obey AS children of God, whereas the Gentile had EVER considered themselves children of God. Matthew 15:26-27 If a person thinks themselves a child of God and a saved individual then you waste your time by beginning to try to teach them what to do to be saved. The first thing you got to do is get them lost. If you can’t do that what you teach them will go in one ear and out the other!!
When you destroy their “personnel faith” so they can see that before God they are lost most think you have gone too far! It takes a lot of love for a person to interfere in what they “feel” is a personal relationship with the Lord and you want to take that away from them, but, the job of the Christian soldier is to do that very thing. Acts 4:12 states: “neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven whereby man can be saved. “ With the unsuspecting, we must begin our discussion. The Baptist make a living ingraining into their people the fact that their hearts is the determinant factor. Their heart is the judge and they have a salvation story to PROVE their story! If they have a strong feeling that peace between them and Christ has been established, you have a real battle to try to show them that their feelings do not change one word of the New Testament. Either Jesus has all authority are none!! Sure, it can be proved that their salvation is not real, you’re attacking their heart, feelings, personal satisfaction that has been established to which they attest. In essence, if you’re not careful, you’re basically accusing them of not being accurate with the truth. They will often respond: “no one has ever told me that before.” Most religionists like to be left alone this battle had already been fought and won, or they thought it had!! Because they are satisfied with the results of their praying to Jesus, that they made peace with God, they think you’re really interfering in their business when all you’re trying to do is help them save their soul!!
One of the first things Baptist will tell you is that they have prayed to Jesus. You ask: “where did you get the idea you could do that?” It matters not how many verses of Scripture that you show them to the contrary, they still feel a personal salvation with the Lord has been established. Let’s establish a fact from the start, there is no Baptist ever baptized (1) a sinner-they baptize saved people (2) for or in order to receive remission of sin or (3) to meet the blood of Christ!! It just has not happened-in fact Baptist preachers swear an oath on the Bible that they will not baptized sinners they only baptize saved people. They will in fact tell you they were saved like the thief on the cross and he did not have to be baptized. Having already discussed that subject let me remind you that the thief and all of his brethren thought they were children of God under the Old Testament covenant, therefore they were not looking to save their souls for they WERE JEWS!! The people in the Baptist Church say the same things, WE WERE ALREADY SAVED! Baptist baptism makes you a member of the local Baptist church!

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