Who are these people called Baptist? Part 14

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Newness of life is a Hebraism for a “new life.” The new birth brings us into a new state or relationship with God the Son that we first had, before time began, with God the Father. This form was in fellowship with God. Jesus said: “suffer little children to come in the Me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3-6 In verse 10 of that same chapter, our Lord again says: “take heed that you despise not one of these little ones; for I say and you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in heaven.” The anti-Christian generation, by whom comes great offenses, will fall to the deepest hell for their delusion given to the innocent! “For precious in the site of the Lord” are they (as well as ourselves who have been baptized into Christ and are faithful) who are the sinless. When Abraham left his native country, for fear of being ensnared in the idolatry and sinfulness of they who lived around him. It was not for Abraham’s sake that he left. Lost is in the idea that God had promised him seed, Abraham fled “looking for a city, whose ruler and builder was God.” I have known many who have left a strong congregation of the churches of Christ with their eye on the promises of the world, take their family into a situation of Jeopardy and never show any concern! I have seen the results that the call of the world had on these children! Moses left Pharaohs court, for fear of being entangled in the simple pleasure of it. There, he cut off his right arm. We, who attribute this statement of the Lord to everybody else but ourselves, never consider the consequences our decisions have on the soul that we have brought into this world! As Christ would be profoundly displeased with the enemies of His church, if they wrong any of the members of It, even the least, so He will be displeased with the great ones of the church, if they despise the little ones of It!!
Christ came to th did any ways the e world to purchase the “pearl of great price,” and the little ones of His seed in whom the gospel has been planted, are greatly desired of the Father, for, as all children, they are sinless. We must not impose upon the hearts of our children, as they are in subjection to our life, the lack of respect owed them. We must show how one must live the Christian life. The remedial system made known by our Lord warns us, “woe to those of world that causes the little ones to offend.”
Some have supposed that every particular saint has a guardian angel; but why should we suppose this, when we are sure that every particular saint, when there is occasion, has a guard of Angels? 2 Kings 6:17 Not just one! They, who are God’s possession, concerning their ministers for good, can be just as supposed to pitch their tents about them, and bear them up when they fall. But this expression of angels, just might refer to the soul and spirit of each individual that has come into this world through procreation. By inspiration, Luke uses this explanation in Acts 13:15, when the brethren thought Peter was dead, but had visited their assembly as they prayed for him. So the soul and spirit of the child who has never sinned (and there has never been one who has) is always in the presence of the Father! For sin is what separates us from God and until the separation takes place, we are in constant fellowship with heaven! While the great ones of the world have honorable men as their associates and guards, the little ones are attended with that part of mankind which speaks life and dignity to God’s “new creation.” It should seem real harmful to be the enemies of those who are so guarded, for God is jealous toward them. Notice the communication, there continually, without interruption, without fail before His face, that which sinful man cannot behold until washed in the blood of Christ and Christ having become his mediator, of the Father in heaven!! Why would it not be consistent with we who have the opportunity to be as Gabriel is described: “I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee and show thee these glad tidings.” Luke 1:19 The Son of Man was sent to seek those who are lost, not those who stood in the presence of the Father!! We who are the angels of righteousness show those who were once in God’s presence the “way back, home.”

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