Who are these people called Baptist? Part 7

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It is interesting to note that the people who call themselves Baptists have no way to determine that reality. John the Baptist and his ancestors were physical Jews. They spoke a language, called Aramaic, and never spoke English. John the Baptist never attended a day of school in his life, and ever, as far as the Scriptures record, attend an assembly at the temple in Jerusalem. There are things that are said about John they give us a lot of his history, but one thing is never said-than he ever was under the authority of the English King, never was in Amsterdam, and never ever questioned whether baptism is immersion, sprinkling, are pouring. That “much water there”in speaking of the way John baptized, gives it away!!
John the Baptist is the only man in human flesh that ever baptized a saved individual. When Jesus Christ came to be baptized of John he had no sin! As a God,Christ came in human flesh to John to be baptized to be introduced as the sin offering for the Church of Christ. Some have asked why John could not be baptized by Jesus. The answer is simple, Christ had not shed His blood which He was to offer before God the Father after His resurrection. “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.” “The blood of bulls and goats in the ashes of a heifer could not take away sin.“ When Jesus and John met that day, the blood of an animal was the only blood that had ever been presented on a Jewish altar. It was ”the Lamb of God,” not the Lamb of the Jew that would remove sin!
Did John and Jesus preached five years, “baptism for the remission of sin” which included the idea that the sin can be rolled ahead until the blood of Christ HAD BEEN shed and miss a man who was hung on the torture stake right beside Jesus Christ? The Baptist Church brags about the fact that the thief on the cross was not baptized, that he didn’t need to be, that he was saved by faith only. IF I were a Baptist preacher, I would be embarrassed to preach that doctrine. If the thief on the cross was never baptized-that means he was never a Baptist! In their “how-to manual” that I read the other day from the Baptist Church, they tell you implicitly that baptism has nothing to do with your salvation. If John had not been baptized by the disciples of Jesus or by John or his disciples, if it proves nothing more, it proves that the thief on the cross was not a Baptist-one and less soul lied to, the thief- the thief was emphatically saved! For the thief to be saved, he had to have been circumcised the eighth day by Jewish priest. I don’t think Baptist preachers have ever been in that business now!
Every time John preached, that is recorded, he was preaching that the kingdom of heaven was nigh at hand, near at the door. John baptized the Jew, and the Jew lonely, that they may be ready to enter into the kingdom when it came “not many days hence.” The Baptist Church does not teach that the kingdom has come yet, they teach that the pre-millennial reign of Christ will be when the kingdom comes to the world-they call it “Christ thousand year reign.” If all the people John baptized were dead in 50 years, was he mocking them, getting them wet for nothing?? That would’ve been a bad joke!!
John the Baptist never spoke English. Since the Baptist Church began in 1603 A.D., had John ever ventured into one of their assemblies, he would have been to them “a barbarian.” 1 Corinthians 14:11 If John had gone to China, how would his Aramaic have worked?? Any of his disciples ever preach a message speaking in a foreign or a different language than John spoke? Their message was only to the Jews, to whom John had been sent to prepare the way of the Lord.
John ever take the Lord Supper. Had they partaken, what would the content of the cup? I’m not saying they couldn’t partake, it would mean no more to them than being baptized in water thinking they were already saved! Was this another bad joke?? How many Easter observances and monde Thursdays did John miss at 6 AM? Where did that get that idea? Baptist assemble on Saturday??

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